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Traits Of A Successful Enterpreneur

Being your own boss is obviously an exciting prospect, however owning a business isn’t for everyone. If you have ever thought about striking out on your own then this blog is for you. Certain personality traits like  to follow the rule of mutual exclusiveness and dependence of freedom and discipline are the traits of an successful entrepreneur .

Starting a business is a lot of work. Anyone who tells you it’s not is either lying or has never actually started one themselves. The hours are long, sacrifices are great and you are assaulted with new problems and challenges every day with seemingly no end. If you don’t have the constitution to weather these things, your business could implode on you faster than it started and the being a successful entrepreneur may just become a dream for you.

Clearly, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But how do you know whether it’s for you? You should start by asking yourself what it takes to be a leader because, for the most part, you’ll be doing a lot of the work up front by yourself. If you can’t lead yourself through startup, chances are you won’t likely be able to lead your business and future employees through growth and on to success.

Successful entrepreneurs, from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, share similar qualities with one another. To see how you rank against these distinguished entrepreneurs, keep reading and check out whether you share at least half of these qualities

Here are few characteristics you should ideally possess to start and run your own business:

Positive Motivation

To be a successful entrepreneur we need to be a positively motivated personality to pursue the work without fear, and take the risks on a positive note. They are always in high spirits and sometimes a bit impatient too. Never the less they are always thinking about their business and always running behind profit to grow their business, pocket depths, and market shares.

Creativity & Persuasiveness

As the hunger for profit increases, the person becomes experienced & to be precise has a precise idea what will work for growth for him and what would take him down the graph. Successful entrepreneurs work as machines without fail and are always on a hunt for new promotion and marketing ideas.


When versatility comes in the picture you have to ask yourself are you versatile enough? You may not have facilities and luxury that you could hire a support staff at the start . You must have the right attitude towards work. Simple thinking, managing all departments single-handedly, ie bookkeeping, account management, marketing, finance etc. So before starting up something, just use Stop. Think . Perform . criteria to finalize are you ready for this?

Business Skills

Entrepreneurs are born with a talent or you may say a USP of internal networking and team management. They pretty much focus on the flow of money. They have a clear idea of what all is being done in the organization and they are precisely monitoring the flow of money and sales .

Risk Tolerance

Launching any startup is risky, while we are still working hard for it to go up we may face a loss. To deal with such losses we cannot be 100% sure that we will be successful. So the startup businessmen and entrepreneur’s should be positively mentored one’s who are pretty much ready for the worst to come.


A very basic factor which can also be termed as a generic factor, explains or simulates you on a driver’s seat where you have the command in your hand to handle and manage everything. You have be a doer and motivator for the team. So what’s your take on this? Will you be working on your own or will you wait for someone to help you?
Vision: What we recommend is to plan a vision or direction beforehand. After starting it is not a cakewalk to design a business case and set your vision so what you have to do is do now before starting your venture.


Mistakes You Might Be Making On Social Media

Everyone these days is using some sort of social media, Whether it’s for personal or for their brands and business, a large percentage of people are using it for staying connected, market and for promoting their products and services.  Social media is undoubtedly a market and is beneficial for businesses but it can also have damaging effects when not being  used correctly. Where there was only chatting and interaction the main aim of social media , the social media marketer’s have changed the meaning and definition to “Connect”.

This one word has changed the whole market , now what ever and wherever your venture is you need social media handlers to beat your opponent and to grow rapidly instead of slogging with your business . You must not only have a command on the social media but you also should be updated bout the usage of tags with specificity to a business you are handling . But , you may take it as a good thing ,but certainly it’s not for a good hefty majority of people . Still some people use social media as power and some are left behind in the race .

Make sure you don’t fall into the following pitfalls.

Being Less Interactive With Your Followers/Friends :

Majority of the population still doesn’t know how to socialize on social media ,some times we may not feel but we abandon those people who have major hopes with us . Still we if ignore people or keep them abandoned or unsatisfied  which reflects a mega brand reputation to deplete drastically .While still most of the mega brands have been ruining a major part of their potential customer base . This mistake if you have been doing you must stop , this can be considered as a sin if you are into digital selling on anything into to digital marketing . If you have the talent to turn an upset visitor to happy , there can be nothing better in the world .You have to keep one thing in mind before you kill your own venture due to small petty mistakes . The word social itself means to “socialize ” which literally means to interact so make your social media handles interactive and see where they would take you .

Refrain from only selling policy :

Using social media for marketing or content for marketing only ? Then we must say you are going very wrong ! The main  thing user turns towards you is to expect help , and not always on monetary basis . Not all the times you have to focus on selling or money , sometimes you have to focus on solving queries . Write and share tips and tricks to beat out their queries at a mass level of audience acquisition , where your target audience is being targeted with a common query . No one is interested in you if you are not solving their queries , not helping them out & not giving the space they want from you . We never insist to connect with them on the personal level , but still the correct way to connect with them is present their queries in a horrific blunder way , then post an angelic solution for it which will automatically accept your products as the solution to their problems . Then what ever price tag you put , you will have a good sale simply because you grow up to the level of a brand and attain that respect in front of the consumers.

Expecting a follow-back from people whom you follow :

The easiest thing which looks like is that following anyone anonymously for getting a followback . But this is not a very cool idea in the ideal state . It seems to be quite impressive but still this doesn’t help in giving you a good target audience . Sorry to inform you that getting high amount of followers and giving zero activity or giving zero engagement . All your efforts and time spent on the project would be wasted and you may end up destroying your venture .

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

People often dive head first into their new business without thinking of their target audience. Ask yourself who you want your business or brand to appeal to and the type of people you want your business to connect with.  You might also learn what social media platforms work best for you and your target audience, so you can stop using what isn’t working and put your focus and efforts into what is.

In this post here we conclude a few points to improve on while marketing on social media . We recommend  you to work upon these points till we excavate and publish some new points to work upon .

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Sell On Snapdeal & Other Multi Sales Channels

GetMeAShop helps businesses to strengthen their sales and increase profitability by selling products directly through marketplaces (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay etc).  When you create your online store with GetMeAshop, it enables you to easily list and sell on Snapdeal and on multi sales channels, manage and fulfill orders, manage inventory and access all the multi channels from a single dashboard.

Create & Publish Listings

The powerful automation helps you expand your business, easily and quickly.

Sync and control Inventory

Add your inventory for once on your online store and then you can adjust automated synchronization across all your listings. GetMeAShop helps you in automatic synchronization of your inventory in the offline store, marketplace, Facebook store and web store.

Manage & Fulfill Orders

Increase automation and reduced costs, you can manage all your order and can fulfill them on time when you sell on Snapdeal or any other sales channel.

Generate Powerful Reports

Get all the data and report that you need to optimize your business and to drive more sales. Know in-depth analytics of your business and plan ahead to increase your brand’s visibility, sales & revenue.

24×7 Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our mission.  Our Customer support team is always there when you have a query.

Tricks To Boost Up LinkedIn Connections For Your Business

Tricks To Boost Up LinkedIn Connections For Your Business

LinkedIn has been a  platform for the professionals with numerous of market experts joining everyday. Growing your LinkedIn network helps you establish as an expert in your field and increases your reach and exposure.  Talking about content , LinkedIn has proved to be a good host for driving traffic and content. It helps businesses to boost up LinkedIn connections and reach more people. If you are looking to host your content on the local search group of your industry, then you are on the right track and the right platform to follow this track . LinkedIn recommendations also helps in reaching out to your customers .

If LinkedIn fits in your business needs and if you want to use it as a marketing channel, here’s how you get started.

Set Up Your Profile :

Before you proceed further your profile should be fully prepared.

  • Your Picture Should Be On Your Profile : Generally people don’t prefer to put up their pictures on social media,  which is a very wrong habit . Your profile should have only your’s photo and nothing else’s  .
  • Make those 120 words of description captive : Those 120 words for description aren’t meant for your job title instead of putting your job title up use some descriptive and captive words to describe your profile . You can think of it as your “60-second commercial” . These are the very first sentences people read, and you have a pretty short time to grab the visitor’s attention and make them want to read more & more .
  • Experience : It is the body of your profile . This has to be done very carefully and used with seo and keywords which are pretty much needed for your growth . Industry recruiter’s use those specific keywords to find people .
  • All the given below stuff should be mentioned in your profile :
  1. Your industry and location
  2. An up-to-date current position (with a description)
  3. Your education
  4. Your skills (minimum of 3)
  5. A profile photo
  6. At least 50 connections

Create your company’s Page :

  • Create your company’s description and overview. Try to be precise, but include what your company does, its specialties, and what makes your venture unique & better than others of your kind . Basically we require the USP of the company to be visible and prominent .
  • Include your company’s banner logo or infographic to bring your page to life
  • Tell employees to add this to your profile .
  • Invest in ads to get your target followers
  • Link your website to your linked in by adding easy links to the website .
  • Share follower specific content daily . This will keep your followers happy and will keep you in recommendations .

Groups have been a great medium to interact and network through recommendations and common interests`1 .These may be national organizations, trade associations, local networking groups or volunteer organizations .Also we would recommend you , consider Joining Corporate-Sponsored Groups . Only getting into groups is not enough , it would be incomplete if you won’t connect with people and participate in group discussions .

Ask For The Follow

Nobody will follow you until you ask them to. Start sharing your company page through your personal network through status updates asking people to join your business network. Ask your employees to share the company page. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other SM platforms for sharing the company.

Follow Others

If you haven’t heard it before, it bears repeating: social media success is about sharing and giving. The more you give to others by liking their posts, sharing their stuff and following them, the more people are likely to give back to you in the same or similar ways.

Write & Share Blog Post Or Article

Write a blog post or article about LinkedIn and its application to your industry–for example, 10 Top Industry Groups or a How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn article. Include a link to your Company page in the Author’s box or in the body of the blog post. This helps increasing your reach to the audience.

Follow these tips and tricks one by one and see the difference in the followers and company reach . Hope to have you in our comments section discussing if some thing has changed or any other query . This is the latest trick to Boost Up LinkedIn Connections .

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Tips For Writing Unique Content

So almost all the digital marketers have gone through a situation where we have been writing a fabulous content and not getting any result . All this matters on google’s algorithm of search engine ranking . So in this post of our’s we get you to the bottom line that how in 2017 , your unique content can get your content to a format your search engine wants . We have seen people struggling with content , working hard on it to make it rank but unfortunately they aren’t going good at all .




Tips To Build A Superior Customer Service Culture

Creating and maintaining a strong service culture leads to sustained improvements to the customer experience and proves to be an advantage for your organizations. Customers today have more choice and option than ever which makes it even more important for an eCommerce business to sustain them. Organizations must always try to innovate and improve the service they provide as this will lead them to become more profitable over time.

Have a look at some tips to help you build superior customer service culture.

Philosophy for unique service

Find what is more important for your customer and add this to your company’s philosophy and values. Making promises won’t work until you deliver. Do not just make promises but also deliver it. Customers have very different meaning for service. Always try and match your service to meet the customers need.

Familiarize your staff for delivering superior service

Don not just train the new staff to deliver utmost superior service but also make sure that your existing staff is focused towards your mission and vision in serving the customers. Take out some time to mentor, motivate and manage the new and existing players in your team.

Train and retrain your team from time to time

You cannot expect your team to perform the best until you take out some time to connect with them time and again on the USP of your customer service. Your staff needs continuous training and sessions to make them better over time. The more they know, the more the performance will improve.

Recognition and reward

Your service providers who value your service philosophy and follow it should be recognized and rewarded for their performance. Don’t forget that they are the ones who listen to all those angry and frustrated customers with all their calm. Recognize their work and appreciate them for their extra efforts and best service recovery. Take out awards based on performances of your staff and reward them.

Create a successful service suggestion program

Everyone in your team can be a potential contributor. Invite suggestions from the employees on the betterment of customer service. This will not only help your business grow by serving better but will also help the employees know that their suggestions are valued.

You can start with a staff suggestion program and make it easy for the employees to put their suggestions. Publicize suggestions you receive and your response on it. Praise the best suggestions and celebrate the winners with recognition and prizes. Implement good suggestions quickly as it will make your staff feel more powerful and effective seeing their ideas being implemented.

Celebrate the culture

Just like the festival you celebrate in your office, dedicate one day partying showing the diverse and enduring the office rituals can be. It can be a gathering to acknowledge staff member on their anniversary and thanking them for the amazing year of their service. Create it, name it and build this up by repeating it again and again.



Key Elements For A Successful Loyalty Program

Managing the customers and keeping them for a long time is the aim of any business. Improving customer loyalty program helps reaching and maintaining them for a lifetime. The reality is, to keep your business growing, launching a loyalty program that impacts your business on a positive note is very important.

Have a look at the key elements your loyalty program must have to help your business grow.



Know How Google Analytics Can Influence Your Sales

There could be no better promotion practice than knowing how visitors move through your website and interact with your content as it lets you optimize your website performance and conversions. To understand this better you need to use Google analytics to discover what would cause users to flood into your website.

The given below are the ways how google analytics can influence your sales !

So What Went Wrong ? Where did they loose sales ?

Let’s get on with the Do’s and Dont’s while getting E-commerce build up in context to demographics like Google analytics :

All that requires to get going with increase in sales is targeting your audience . We can get that straight using the demographics tools . Google adsense and Adwords are the most preferred demographics tools that is used all over . We can check what age , gender , nationality of audience is reaching us through the search engines .



How to Build A Cart Recovery Email Strategy To Increase Your Conversions.

Despite the fact that retargeting is a successful approach to recuperate the lost income, the most vital strategy that has been found for handling shopping cart deserting is to send cart recovery emails. Cart abandonment emails are not quite recently exceptionally change driven; they are likewise individual, re-connecting with customers with a human touch. These messages have a high open and click through rate compared to promotional emails.

Additionally, email marketing has shown to have a better rate of return than any other social media marketing.  Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common issues faced by ecommerce retailers and they end up losing sales.

Have a look at some best strategies for a successful cart recovery email program:

 Divide segments and Conquer

Sending a personalized email to the shopper might inspire to take appropriate action. You first need to make a segment of cart abandoners, ex- first- time abandoners, repeat abandoners etc and then you need to have an email personalized for them. Crave them to buy. Keep in mind, car recuperation is a fight, and division is the sword that can help you win the fight.

Write a Unique Subject Line

33% of email recipients open an email in view of headline alone. At the point when an email arrives in your inbox, how would you choose whether to follow up on it or not? On the off chance that you like the title, and on the off chance that you confide in the sender, you will open it; and if not, the odds are high that you won’t open it.

Your email subject line should be such which reminds the recipient of the abandon cart. So think creatively while writing the subject line is very important.  The subject line should be such which triggers and creates urgency and need of the product for the shopper.

Create your headlines to pass on your invitation to take action in a way that whets the hunger of your endorsers. Be that as it may, being immediate doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative.

Here are a couple headlines that have gotten my attention:

  • Stock availability count is under 3
    • Stop adding, start buying
    •             Had your eye on something? Enjoy free delivery now!

What’s more, keep your headlines short. It’s prudent to hold under the normal space for just 4-7 words max.

Be Sure Your Emails Are Responsive

Your email should be responsive through all devices as this increases conversion rate else all your efforts on content, graphic and offer will go waste. Being responsive to all the devices is necessary as people are online but with different devices and sending a responsive email definitely plays an important role in determining whether or not people will complete their purchase.

Send a Series but don’t spam

While a single email for cart recovery helps increasing conversions, one or two follow-up emails can help you make the most of your campaign. A series of 2 to three email should be sent at a time gap that will not just gives a soft reminder about something left in the cart to the customer but also doesn’t spam’s their email. In the first email just remind of the abandon cart, the second email should create urgency and the third email could be triggered to persuade them with an incentive if they complete their purchase.


Pros & Cons Of Selling On A Marketplace

When an entrepreneur wants to start selling online, marketplaces is the first place where they plan to start their business from. Even if an e-commerce entrepreneur already has an online store, they consider this as an option. If you’ve ever wondered that are marketplaces an appropriate place to sell online then this post is for you. Read the pros and cons of selling on marketplace that will help you decide if the benefits are worth the risks.

Pros of selling on a marketplace

Wider audiences reach and increased sales

Marketplace acts as your online shopping mall. They have established unique users who visit on regular basis. You can display your products and can reward yourself with the customers the marketplace has. This saves the investment you need to make in SEO and branding for your own website. When you create your website with GetMeAShop, it enables you to sell on marketplaces from a single dashboard.

Reduced cost

A marketplace handles the platforms, order fulfillment, and SEO which makes it easier for you to sell online. All that you do is to create an account, manage products, and orders.

Maintain your brand image

Establishing your brand in the digital landscape is not easy for a business. As a professional in the market, your brand name and logo’s will be displayed and will make it easier for your customers to shop time and again from you.

Marketplace creates confidence

With well-protected payment gateways and secured hosting, the customer gains confidence in your brand and does not hesitate in buying from you.

Sell internationally

Marketplaces offer you affordable shipping cost and provide customer support in their native language or at least in English which helps the customer sitting abroad trust and buy from you. This way you can start targeting the audience overseas through your own retail site eventually and expand that way.

Cons of selling on a marketplace

Not your shop, nor your customers

One day you decide to sell online through your own store and the WOHHHH. SURPRISE! You don’t have any customer there. When you sell at the marketplace, understand this that they might not let you export their customer data. Keep in mind that leaving a marketplace and opening an online shop is a start from scratch. Always remember that when you leave a marketplace to sell through your own store, you actually start from the scratch. Life on a marketplace is hard: once you decide to leave marketplace selling and start over by creating your own store, you will have to start from the beginning and spend huge money.

The cost of being profitable

The main purpose of marketplaces is to gather customers data and once they have to build a huge customer data file, they increase sellers expense. They look for new business opportunities and takes advantage of them. When you sell on their platform, you offer them the confidential information about your business.

Higher competition

When using these sites your product might be listed next to similar products from a whole range of other retailers. You are in the same place as potentially huge retailers who might beat you on shipping costs or handling times.

Customer might not remember your brand

The customer is buying from you when you are selling it through marketplace because of the name of the platform and not because of your brand. The good quality that you provide to your customers is not remembered and what people remembers is the quality that marketplace provides.

Now that you know the pros and cons of a marketplace, you may be wondering who would be interested in selling there. On the other hand, if you already have your own online shop, a marketplace can be a good choice as a complementary sales channel, especially for those products that you want to clear out.