Product Description: Overlooked but Important!

After setting up your online store, you have definitely increased your grasp and the next thing you want is people visiting your online store and buying your products. But you should always keep one thing in mind that it doesn’t matter what items you are selling, customers have a variety of choices available to them. To stand out from others in the market, getting your product description right is the key to drive customers towards your product. Writing a product description is not a difficult task at all. A lot depends on how well you present your products to the customer. Many e-commerce websites contain very limited information about the product and it sometimes results in the customer not buying the product. So, in this blog post we’ll be discussing some effective steps for product description.

  • What your customers need: You must know what your customers are looking for, because if you can anticipate what they are looking for you can easily use that information to describe your products.
  • Keep it simple: Your description must have a steady tone and the words you choose must complement the website’s image. Also, don’t be too technical, keep it as simple as possible.
  • Why your product: Your description must show the product’s value, benefits and quality and should be enough to say how your product can help and make life easier.
  • Use keywords: Don’t forget to add applicable keywords in the description as they will help increase the visibility and ranking of your website. Best places to add keywords are page title, product description and meta tags.
  • Include reviews: Sometimes a customer visits your website and is not sure which product to buy, those are the times when reviews play a huge role in helping her/him decide. Reviews are a social proof about your product.
  • Stimulate readers’ imagination: When you are selling online, you know that the visitors can’t feel your product, so it is always helpful to let your readers imagine how your product will be.

Follow these few tips and your customers are not going anywhere 🙂


How to prepare an effective team for an online business!

Effective e-commerce team building will be very helpful in rapid and sustainable growth and most importantly to a successful online business apart from the website, products and technology. For an e-commerce business the skills required is relatively limited as compared to the required demand and the team must be committed, incentivized, energized, have a wish to drive to next level, achieving more through the right incentives and bonus packages, know what level is, and break through their goals. Therefore, while building strategies and planning team building is the basic issue that must be taken care of.