What Is Your Organization’s GQ? You Don’t Exist If Google Can’t Find You!

What is GQ> Google Quotient

Google quotient is your website’s ranking within the search engines for particular search phrases.
There are many aspects that impact how well your website will be positioned for your targeted keyword. Google has its own ranking methods, with its stringent guidelines that figure out how to place sites for searches. We do not know these methods exactly as they are not launched overtly, but we have a prudent idea of what they generally are through extensive research.


Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Kickstart Marketing for Your Business

Being online is the way to go. Increase in online shoppers in the past few months has led to an increase in online penetration of retail groups to 65% with around 53.4 million visitors per month and an annual growth of 15%. But, even if the rest of the 35% retail is not online, a higher percentage of them is using social media platforms as an online channel for their businesses. Why do people prefer social media platforms as a marketing channel, be it online or offline? There are several reasons, including increased exposure, increased traffic to website, increased brand awareness, etc. Being a business owner, you might have limited time to list your business on every social media platform but you can’t afford to miss the most important ones. (more…)


Get Online More Easily Now: Happy Diwali !

With the growth of e-tail, retail section of India is in trouble. There was a sense of insecurity among the retailers before but after the big billion sale day of Flipkart it increased to a very high extent. We sensed the problems of the retailers a long time back and, therefore, thought of creating a simple solution for all the offline small and medium businesses (SMBs). We’ve helped more than 100 retailers enter e-tail. (more…)