Tips before You Take the E-commerce Plunge

You have dreams to become an entrepreneur but fears hold you back? Fears are bound to surface as entrepreneurship is a path of continuous challenges, tough decisions and a lot of hard work and patience. Here are a few tips before you take the entrepreneurial plunge.


  1. Market research and planning: This would be the first and foremost step. You need to have a thorough understanding of the market, your target audience, their needs/demands, the gaps that exist and the changing trends. This will help you come up with a plan that works better than what already exists out there. This is referred to as doing your homework well before you get started.
  2. The essentials: After the research and planning are done, you need to think and come up with an attractive and smooth website for your business ( helps you do that in just 6 minutes, check it out), a logo, secure payment options and enticing products. These would lay the foundation for your business. You could also choose some interesting apps, such as Zopim (the live chat software which helps you provide 24*7 assistance to your customers), to make your online business and interactions more customer friendly. With the help of Google Analytics, you could capture the trends and behaviours of visitors on your online portal.
  3. Patience and hard work: Entrepreneurship will be one hell of a ride, it will be demanding, exhaustive and unpredictable. You’ll have to put in hours of hard work and patiently wait for the returns. You will also have the opportunity to experiment a lot and see what works for your business. But honestly, when you’ll see results in your favour, it will be a liberating experience.
  4. Keep an eye on competitors: You’ll have to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing. You could learn from what they’re doing wrong. You could come up with something better and more creative. Utilize the gaps you’ve found in your favour and make the most of the market opportunities. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, could be one of the places where you can notice your competitors’ activities and interactions.
  5. Excellent products and services: Providing outstanding products and services can help your business stand out in the market. Your customer service and exclusivity might be the reasons why people choose you over your competitors. You would want to your services to speak for your business. Resolve queries on time, ensure timely delivery and excellent packaging, provide relevant and fresh content and offer post sales services, these will only position you better as a brand.
  6. Viral marketing: All the planning and research will be of no use if you do not market your product/services effectively and at the right places. You need to create a strong community and following for your brand by marketing through newsletters, posts on social media platforms and fresh content on your blog. To reduce the amount of time you spend on social networking platforms, you could use Hootsuite to schedule posts ahead of time and to manage multiple social profiles from a single dashboard.

With these in mind, take the road to your dreams and create your own successful brand.

5 Steps to Figure Out WHAT to Sell Online

Are you one of those still struggling to figure out what to sell online? It is natural to get confused with a myriad of ideas floating around. But don’t worry, we bring to you some tips that will get you started.


  1. Study the market: This is the first thing that you should do when you’re struggling to make a decision. Devote a good amount of time to research, to understand what is in demand, what is missing in the market, what can make a huge difference and what is popular. You can use polls and surveys to understand people’s requirements, needs and behaviours. Search engines can be studied or closely followed for what’s popular and most searchable. Internet is at your service, exploit it to your advantage. Use the social media platforms to get your missing piece of information about the customers and their choices. You could choose a product/s that people have been waiting for or something that has a huge demand but a disappointing supply.
  2. The right audience: After you’ve done your research and decided on a product, focus on identifying the right audience for your business. All efforts will go waste if you don’t reach the right people at the right time. For example, if you choose to provide personal care and hygiene products in the market, females would be the preferable target audience for your business. Under this category, you’ll find products that have a huge demand but very limited choice and supply, for example, tampons. Tampons are a convenient and preferable choice for females but unfortunately are not so easily available and if some websites offer them there are just a handful to choose from. So, choose a product that is need-based and has a huge audience and demand. Also, invest some time in marketing your product well and reaching your audience. You have the social media platforms at your assistance, use them to advertise your products, brand and connect with your customers.
  3. Start small: Whatever you decide on, keep it small first. You don’t know how people will react to your product. It is always better to start small and gauge people’s reactions to your product/s. When you’ve grabbed enough market space and have an audience, expand and increase your investment.
  4. Study competition: You will always have competition and actually it’s great to have competitors. Competitors help you and your business come up with better marketing and sales strategies. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you will always come up with new, interesting features, services, offers, etc., for your customers. So, studying your competitors will give you a direction and a good start. The time you invest in them, will keep you ahead in the race.
  5. Keep differentiating: If you want people to go crazy for your products, offer something exclusive yet need-based. You can use social media platforms and surveys to understand what’s in demand but hasn’t reached the audience. For example, there is a website that provides people with interesting and need-based gadgets and items to gift. It brings in a set of fresh and need-based products for the audiences and usually people are instantly drawn to such stuff. If you strike the right cord, people are going to love you! Think hard and introduce your target audience to something new.

So, it’s time to turn your thoughts into actions. Let us know if we can help you in getting started, just register on to get your own store up and running in no time!

4 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your Customers

It’s very important to effectively communicate with your customers to provide quality service and excellent assistance. As a business, you should do everything to create fast and effective channels of communication with your customers. Here are 4 ways to communicate well with your buyers.


  1. Emails: Emails are an excellent way to communicate with your customers because it gives them the flexibility to check the mails as per their convenience. Emails do not interrupt or intrude their busy schedule. Make sure you keep your customers updated on the order status, shipping details, product availability and product information through emails. You could address and resolve grievances/issues over email or give your customers a timeline for the resolution of the query. Customers like it when they are kept informed and updated, and emails would be a professional and courteous way to do that. You should also mention an email address on your website, so that your customers can write to you whenever they feel the need.
  2. Social media: Nowadays, customers choose social media platforms to give feedback, request for help and share experiences. As a business, you should stay proactive on social media and help resolve queries or complaints without losing time. If you haven’t been doing that, don’t waste more time. A review, good or bad,  on social media can go viral within minutes. Social media platforms give you an opportunity to immediately engage and connect with your customers. By giving timely and appropriate response to your customers’ comments or issues, you can strengthen your relationships with them and enhance your brand’s image. Social media also helps divide or reduce the burden on other traditional channels of communication, thus making customer interaction manageable.
  1. Customer support number: Giving a customer support number to your buyers is a must. They love prompt services. A customer support number which is available 24*7 can do great good for your business. Customers are assured that they can reach you at any time. Some of them find great peace in having a personal conversation regarding their order, issue or complaint. Make your buyers feel at ease by attending to their calls or even by giving them a call back if needed. This will only enhance relationships between you and them.
  1. Live chat option: As an online business, you have to be at your customers’ assistance at all times. You should definitely have an online chat option for your customers where they can freely connect with your team anytime. Customers find an online chatting option to be simple, quick and convenient; they can also multitask while they wait for your team’s response. An online chat option is a tool for any company to provide excellent customer service and timely resolution of queries or issues.

Communicating with your customers and giving them the attention they truly deserve was never easier! So, keep your customers informed and they’ll be happy 🙂