How to do effective email marketing

Since the day you started your online store you must have searched for each tact and tricks to reach the audience and drive traffic to your store. Email marketing is a fantastic way for you to keep in touch with your customers, learn about them, and create a loyal relationship between the two of you.

So how do you make sure you’re using this fantastic marketing tool to its full potential? Here are some tips that are essential when it comes to effective email marketing.

Create a relevant email subject

The first thing the reader sees is the email subject. A badly written subject line could get your emails caught by spam filters, not opened, or get people to unsubscribe from your list. So make it memorable and something interesting that would inspire someone to open it.

Eye catchy graphics

A graphic with less and relevant text is very important. That way your potential client can quickly spot what you are offering and make a decision if they want to keep reading.

Don’t be a spammer

Don’t be misleading. Your email’s from and subject line must be correct. And it is imperative you do not use spam-linked words in the subject line. Don’t write “free” or use a lot of exclamation points.

Use a Call to Action

Calls to action arouse interest in your product or service. They also allow for you to have a built-in purpose for sending the email.

Best time to send email

It’s Monday morning and the average working person has just arrived at their job. They turn on their computer and there pops up 50 new messages. Chances are if you have sent an email campaign over the weekend it is getting deleted on Monday. The scenario is the same for Friday afternoon. People are getting antsy for the weekend and aren’t really going to be excited about your business newsletter, or possibly won’t even be around to read it. The best times are Tuesday and Wednesday mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

And send it

To get people to respond to your email marketing and specials, you have to make it a priority. Sure other things come up but this shouldn’t be ignored. Get it crossed off your to do list and you will see how easy, cost-effective, and powerful email marketing can be for your business.



Things successful entrepreneurs do differently

Building a small business requires hard work, learn from them

Ever wondered how people at young age achieve so much. Great entrepreneurs aren’t born successful. When we read their success story, it is always different from other. They are doers who start something knowing that it may fail initially, either way they keep moving and get stuff done.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Here is a list of things that startup entrepreneur must have to reach that level (you might have them too).

They find possibility in problems

Successful entrepreneur figures out the best way to tackle obstacles and challenges they meet daily. They take problems as opportunities. The most successful entrepreneurs are good at spotting people’s needs and creating valuable must-have solutions.

They know how to make money

No business makes amazing profits in the first year. The first year is the hardest and good monetizing strategy is what is requires to take things to the next level. If you’re looking to get investors on board, they need to know that you can make money. Do you have those convincing skills?

They’re passionate

They did it because they were incredibly passionate about what they do. Only sheer passion will make you reach the level.

They invest on their skills

Entrepreneurs who value self development invest their time each week in resources that will make them better. They know the value of their time and effort and makes effort to increase their skills and knowledge.

They play to their strengths

Giving up is something they don’t have in their dictionary. Play to your strengths. That’s what great entrepreneurs do. They can do everything themselves.

Want to add some more to the list. Comment below 🙂

Perform the local SEO audit yourself

Performing local SEO improves your chances of appearing high on Google search results which can help your business receive more visits than websites who don’t appear in the recommendations. Even if you have agency doing this for you, it is always recommended to do some audit yourself and keep a record of the progress your business makes.

Here are some reasons why performing the local SEO is important for your business.


More conversions – There is a high rate of conversion since visitors coming to the website from local search are highly targeted.

Brand Visibility– More people searching for businesses in your area will know about your existence and this will make your brand more recognizable.

High return on investment – An optimized website for local search can generate more value to a business since all they want is to get customers searching the web for businesses in their area. This generates a high return on the investment made and potential higher growth than companies who don’t take advantage of this.

Why Do I Need an Audit?

Performing a search engine optimization audit on your site, you can find problematic areas that need improvement so you can create an action plan to correct them and second, a good SEO audit will keep your website up-to-date with the latest developments in search marketing and on top of the competition.

Here are some ways you can do your local audit yourself

Meta Tag Audit

Your Meta Tags are visible on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), so you should make sure they’re optimized and readable since it will often be a first impression to customers. Mention your main keywords on the Meta Title Tag as well as an identifier since it will be your title and link on the SERPs. Having said that, make sure it’s readable and not just a list of keywords. Your home page and any place-specific pages should have the city and state of that location in the title tags.

Make sure there is a unique Meta Title Tag and description for each page with unique keywords. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to check for any duplicates in your meta tags.

Website Content Audit

Content needs to be unique and varied, without too much focus on stuffing keywords all over the place. It is important that you create your content for users and not search engine bots.

Don’t add irrelevant keywords. Do your research carefully and pick out a few important and relevant keywords for each page. Mix it up and don’t repeat keywords on every page – maybe even use simple variations on different pages, such as, “web marketing” and “online marketing” as different keywords.

URL Audit

You should also check your URL’s because they should be readable for a user – it makes navigation easier. Especially since users who have visited your site before would have the pages cached on their computer, if they begin typing your site name, they should know what page their browser is suggesting they go to.

You can’t avoid it if your site needs a lot of dynamic pages with long URL’s. But if you want to check them, you can get a list of all URLs by extracting your sitemap or by using a tool similar to Screaming Frog or xml-sitemaps.

Google Analytics Implementation Audit

Google Analytics is something any local business should check . Since small events can make all the difference, adaptability is only possible if you’re paying attention to feedback – direct or indirect. The last thing you need is incorrect or misleading data because your Google Analytics isn’t set up properly for your company, so follow Google’s checklist to set it all up right. GAtective also lets you check your configuration for free.


Generate sales on your website with Instagram

  ‘A picture paints a thousand words’.

With the constantly evolving social media it has now become easier for retailers to generate sales on their website. Despite many assumptions, Instagram boasts over 400 million users, which is considerably more than Twitter. Additionally, it is growing at a rate of 93% month-on-month, more than any other social media platform.

Let’s talk about some best ways to use Instagram for your brand and generate sales.

Forget selling all the time. Talk about your brand

Being salesy all the time may not help you much but can end up boring the customers.  Don’t just focus on posting a picture of your product. Use it in a real life situation and hint at how it could improve somebody’s life.

84% of shoppers will refer to at least one of your social media channels before purchasing. As Instagram usage becomes more popular, it could well be this channel, so make sure you have great lifestyle/desirable content there.

Work on increasing your reach

The more people you reach the better are chances of increasing your sales. “Tag a friend” posts are brilliant for increasing your reach. A fantastic tool for increasing your reach is Crowdfire. Essentially it allows you to copy followers from relevant accounts or competitors. For Instagram to categorize your photo, you also need to include hashtags.

Influencer marketing

You don’t need a big budget to find influential people within your niche. Using a tool like Webstagram can help you find influential brands or people within your niche to promote your product for you.


Showcase your customers

A way to make sure your followers fall in love with you is to showcase them on their feed using their product. 65% of users said they would feel honored if a brand likes their post, so imagine their feeling if you featured them. Always reply to comments on your photos, interact with your followers and they will appreciate it.

Tools for selling

It should be obvious at this point, but including a link in your bio to your website is a must.

Like2Buy allows you to turn your Instagram photos into shoppable images. When they click the link in your bio, they are taken through to a page containing all your products mobile friendly pages. From there they can buy the items.

There are some great social sharing apps on the market now and another I’ll touch upon isSoldsie. This allows your customers to buy a product without leaving the app.

They simply comment ‘sold’ on the image, and they will be sent a mobile friendly invoice which they can pay for by mobile or credit card.

Sell Products to International consumers

With every new store the entrepreneur dreams of reaching the largest audience, sell most products and earn higher profits. If you have dreamt to sell products internationally then here are some tips you will need to start selling products internationally and promoting your store in the global market.

The major question which haunts many e-commerce entrepreneurs is how to get started. Check out how to take the first step of selling internationally.


Do the homework (Market Research)

Keeping in mind the USP of your store, research if there is need of the products, which you selling at your online store. You can learn about it by researching on the internet, social media or consult your relative or friend, if live in another country. This will help you decide if your products are worth enough of selling online.

Choose an International Market

Always remember to start small. Choose a small international market where the demand of your product is high. Decide on this before getting started.

Know the rules and regulations

The next step is to get aware of the export rules and regulations of that particular market. Know the custom’s rules with shipping regulations and much more.

Promote Your Products on the International Market

Store promotion to sell products internationally is a big challenge. Since, you are new to the market and of course, the international audience is not aware of your brand, first, you need to set up your brand and make it visible on the global platform. How to do that? Find out here.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to sell products internationally, make sure that you target keywords that are popular in your target market, either national or national. Work on those keywords to get yourself listed on popular search engines of your international market.

Show Your Products on Social Media

Follow and make connections with the audience who are based in your international market and target them using different social media. Try to put your market research knowledge in here while posting your social media posts and products.

Advertising on Google and Facebook

The best thing about Google and Facebook advertisement is that they let you choose demographics where you want to showcase your advertisement. Select the demography where your target market it and run advertisements easily.



Make Money Online with these internet Business Ideas

With the ever-growing digital media landscape it is not a rocket science for young entrepreneur to start-up a business online. Have you ever thought that making money online could be so easy if you have good business idea and a great marketing plan. The good news is with a domain and hosting, along with some basic skills, your ideas can become a reality.

Make Money Computer Key

Blog and earn

Starting a blog isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is hosting and a domain. To make money online from a blog you need to gain large amounts of traffic from a specific niche. See how I do it here. You can earn cash using AdSense, Selling banner advertisements, affiliating to sites such as Amazon & eBay.


How about setting up a business that focuses on outsourcing? Most successful service providers on the internet find that they need external help at some point. They might have a blogging client that requires logo design. They might have a guest posting service client that needs web design . Instead of actually providing the services personally, you could outsource and take a profit margin of your choice! Make sure you learn how to outsource first!

Paid blogging

With over 350,000,000 websites on the internet, there is a huge demand for content. If you have experience or skills related to writing, offering a blog posting service could be for you.

Create videos

Video platforms are just another avenue to acquire potential consumers. You can offer video packages from £50-5,000 and beyond. Select your target market and market to them effectively.

Manage social media profiles

Social media is an important part of any online business. The problem? Time! Most business owners simply don’t have the time to be involved with Twitter, LinkedIn, Face Book and other sites, in a pro-active way. That is where you can help. If you can consistently give companies with successful social media campaigns and improve their profiles, they will pay.

Create valuable resources

The sites that hold the most value on the web hold the most valuable content. Face Book holds information about what hundreds of millions of users. YouTube own millions of funny, educational and controversial videos. If you can create a website that focuses on offering valuable resources, then you just might be onto a winner.

Grow your sales with Social marketing strategies

Plan to succeed

The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur is to get traffic on their e-commerce store.  The evolution in the e-commerce world has made it even tougher for visitors to stay in business. Knowing where to start and how to stand out from the thousands of other shops that are competing for the same traffic is a daunting challenge.

Here are some strategies to help you grow traffic and boost sales.


Post content regularly

Stay connected to stay in business. This is one of the easiest ways to survive in the market. Post content consistently and engage your audience. You can start with posting 3-4 posts a day and then can keep up an average of 6 posts each day on twitter and Facebook both.

There are some amazing tools available by which you can schedule the posts for the day without being worried about staying online all day. You can use buffer for scheduling in Twitter. By using these apps can help you cut down your time spent on your social marketing to half an hour a day.

Use images with posts

Engage readers on your post by posting an image along with your posts. Photos on Facebook have been shown to generate over 50% more likes than the average post.

Create micro content

Most of the people online suffer from the disease of writing paragraphs when only a small message is needed. Create little bites of chunk content that fulfils the purpose.

Run a campaign

Create and run campaigns and offers gifts and coupons for winners. Ask questions and let readers speak. Make connect with the readers.

Run a Twitter Q&A session

Engagement is critical to keep any online community alive and well. A great tactic to grow your Twitter community and dramatically increase engagement is by hosting a weekly Twitter Q&A. The idea is to pick a day of the week, and then encourage your community to post questions related to your product, business, industry or really anything. You then give answers to their questions and then choose the best questions and use them in a blog post.

Bonus tip

Pick a hash tag related to the Twitter Q&A and ask your community to use it within their tweets. This helps with branding and will help make the practice familiar to those who choose to take part.

Write about different aspects in your Blog posts

The title of a blog post carries a lot more weight than the average person realizes and should get as much attention as the content of the post. Here are some tips for optimizing your titles: Use everyday language, Keep it short, Use negatives (Don’t do this vs. do this)

bigimg (1)

Skills every entrepreneur must have

Being an entrepreneur is one thing but being a successful one requires talent, skill and knowledge. You must know about the various aspects that makes you different from others. You must have the knowledge about your industry and must know the strategies that are needed to grow your business. Be ready to take risks and have the patience to take chances and navigate the ups and downs that come with any new venture.

Though success requires passion, ambitions and future goals, it also requires a certain set of personal skills. Here are some useful skills that entrepreneurs need on their way to success.

Learn to listen

Listen to what your customer have to say and commit to customer service excellence. Without being able to communicate properly with your customer and other people you will have difficulty getting your new business off the ground.

To become a good communicator you must never interrupt people when they have something to say. Listen to their opinions, complaints, compliments and you can quickly gain their trust, loyalty, and admiration.

Being a good business man means believing in yourself and being able to speak your mind with confidence. Never let others dictate your actions.

Willingness to learn

Even if you have an established business your job is not over. In fact, when it comes to learning and improving, you are never quite finished. You can never get business stability if you stop exploring new aspect as continuous learning will help you evolve both personally and professionally. Let you knowledge get deepen and help you keep up your creative edge.

Talk to industry leaders to get their advice, and apply their insight to your own business. Whatever you do, make learning an ongoing process both in your personal and professional life.

Think out of the box

Innovation is the key to success and when it comes to keeping business fresh and alive, creativity is the key. When you spark creativity in your personal life, it will inevitably reflect on your business

You should also attempt to think about things from new perspectives and apply new ways of solving problems. A bit of creativity can go a long way in terms of your business growth.

Be a risk taker and have Courage

No risk, no gain is an old yet perfect saying. Situations that demands instant decision making, you should never act recklessly, but you should always have the courage to try new ideas and to take little risks. If you don’t try, you will not succeed – it is that simple.


Never ever give up. There will be many obstacles and challenges along your way, but if you persevere in spite of them, you will reap success. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and look for lessons you can learn from every seemingly negative experience.

How to manage shipping effectively

Every e-commerce website is though initially judged by the beauty of its design but the main reason an e-commerce maximizes its profit is because of the technical features that join in its working and at the end what really matters is the quality of delivered product.

The only credibility of the site depends upon the condition of the arrived goods and the last test of every site is evaluated upon the strength and finesse of the packaging.


Recognize the stuff you are dealing with– You should know the size and the weight of the goods and a box for shipping should be chosen so keeping in mind the protection of the product. Any other important information like Fragile, Perishable, Toxic, Inflammable and Electronic should also be noted carefully. And goods of the same type should be sorted together.

Work on the outer packing. The most common are the corrugated boxes which are just hard cardboard boxes. They can easily load stuff like books, tools, pictures, basically anything i.e. a “flat” item. They have amazing stacking strength and can keep stuff from the mightiest of falls. Then there is the non-fragile stuff that can be loaded in the courier envelopes which are just basic packages without any cushioning etc. For all the fragile stuff like electronic materials including laptops, phones, pen drives or medical supplies like medicines, dental etc you should go for padded boxes. These padded mailers have excellent cushioning and they absorb majority of the shocks felt on the way to the delivery.

The inner packaging

The most perfect and versatile packaging can be only be done in the bubble wrap. Yet it proves ineffective when it comes to lightweight breakable items which need to be wrapped in excellent cushioning of foam.

Properly sealing your package

If you take the time and care to use the proper inner and outer packaging, but use a sealing method that fails, your package will ultimately fail as well. The best type of tape is duct tape and frankly there is almost nothing like it. For handy and lightweight items though, pressure resistant tape is preferable.

Determine how to ship your package. It should be noted that there are no specific preferences towards any mode of transportation. Therefore, your decision of carrier should be based on your understanding of shipping rates and the available modes of shipping




Elements every E- Commerce website homepage must have

The virtual front door to your store

Serving as the front door for your store, homepage of your e-commerce website is responsible for drawing consumer’s attention and a majority of your website’s traffic. And despite its prominence, many businesses struggle to optimize it properly.

You cannot run a profitable E Commerce without strategizing the business goals to sales and delivery and ways to engage traffic. The first step is to create an engaging website that would put your store on the front line of publicity and for which the homepage of your design and layout plays a crucial role, it is the first impression that a brand gets to make.

With GetMeAShop providing you with 100’s of templates to choose from, here are few essentials that your homepage must have and which makes it irresistible for your customer.


The brand’s image- Logo

The Logo of your brand is the face of the product and the company. A successful brand imparts confidence and logo is the representative of that. So, a logo on the eCommerce website home page will generate the same confidence and induce the buyers to buy.

Deals and freebies and cost-free services that attracts buyers

Being an intelligent merchant you must understand the consumer’s state of mind. Add lucrative offers with products to boost sales. Highlight the latest deals and products on the e-commerce website home page to get the maximum attention and that will result in sales.

Most popular products

The products that are seen multiple times by consumers should be shown in a category of most popular products in the homepage enabling new visitors to find the ideal and popular products.

Keep Brands Upfront

If you have recognized merchandise goods on sale, then show them upfront. It is a huge gimmick, especially with the first-time guests, who don’t know what exactly they are looking for or are not familiar with you brand as such.

Shopping Cart, Login and Search Box

The shopping cart, login box and search box features are usually placed together on the eCommerce website home page. If you contract with a large online store that has a broad variety of goods, then the search box is a must-have.