Get customers beyond borders

Establish your brand in the international market and get conversions

Being a small E commerce entrepreneur if you are planning to sell in multiple countries then of course this is going to be a bit complicated but there is nothing that you should worry about. Remember you’re in the modern day business in the 21st century where you’ll have to navigate various cultures, regulations and build relationship with your potential clients.

Discover, invent and develop the beauty of the World Wide Web and reach the people who matters to your business. Online business today has evolved to the point where anyone, anywhere in the world, can find business clients outside their borders, no matter what business they are in. People are making good income in their online business with minimum investments.

Outside borders doesn’t only means having customers in the foreign country. It can mean just another region, state or country. A new customer outside your border could just be a few miles away. So let’s take a look at some of the ways the Internet can help you find that new international customer and trust me this is no technical.

Start a blog

A blog is more of a constantly updating online diary whereas a web site is just a static page. Customers like blogs better, because they feel they are having a conversation with you and you are having one back with them. A blog also allows your customers to leave comments.

Accepting Payment options

Now you need your clients to be able to pay you. Without the ability to pay you, what good is an international business client, right? The acknowledged market leader in this area is Paypal but you have a tons of options to choose from.

Build a communicating network

Now you’ll want to be able to communicate with your clients. The easiest way to communicate with your potential customers is by using the social media platforms. Do target posts on Facebook and gain insights from international clients.

Direct emailing

With consumers putting their names on the “Do Not Call” list and screening their emails with spam filters, direct mail is one way to be sure that customers see your message.

Inbound/Content Marketing

Instead of trying to find customers, you can let them find you online – if you create valuable, compelling content that’s worth seeking out then be sure to reach the customers who can become your regular loyal customers.



Be a Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Starting a business has never been easier, but executing good ideas with serious hard work can lead your way to success. Coax out the creativity in you and create the meaningful career paths. Building it yourself might be a bit hard but once you know the key to business success you can easily reach the level.  Here are some tips for starting your business and being successful at it.

Find solutions yourself

Before jumping into any business venture ask yourself what keeps you up at night? What makes you angry or upset? What makes you excited? Usually if something makes you itch, there will be others who feel the same way. Find the one’s like you and execute the idea.

Building a community first then business

When you find the people who care about a problem the way you do, you’ve found your tribe. These are the early adopters, the people you launch to, test your products with, get feedback from, and most importantly take care of. This community is your biggest fan, your cheerleaders, your best critics, your first customers, and your connection to the opportunities beyond your reach.

Launch your brand Regularly

It’s tempting to hold back from sharing a new product or idea with the world before it’s polished. If you had 10 days to launch a product, how would you spend that time? 9 days building + 1 day selling? No. Start selling before you’ve built anything. Sell the promise of the idea. Sell, learn, improve, sell again.

Have confidence and be proud of yourself

Have faith and be proud of yourself, take that step and build something that matters.

Work for a cause

Success is not what you get overnight and most overnight successes had at least 10 years of hard labor behind them before they suddenly shot to fame. If you don’t care deeply about what you’re building and why you’re building it, it’s unlikely you’ll have the energy to see it through to the end. Same goes for the team you have around you, make sure they believe in the same vision with the same amount of passion.

Don’t pressurize yourself

Starting anything is hard. Starting something you truly care about is even harder. The pressure you’ll put on yourself to succeed will end up being greater than anything you’ll experience in your average career. Always remind yourself why you started. Lean on your community and be honest with them. Celebrate the little things, the momentum will carry you.


Do good product photography and sell more

Whatever your business is, product photography is an important factor that helps the customer to get an insight of the product and encourages thy decision to buy. It’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer to take the product picture or you can do it yourself using a good camera for quality images.

Your product photos are what helps the product to sell and makes it unique. Read it and Create beautiful product photography that will instill faith in your online store and get results.


The single most aim of the product photographer is to make sure that the product looks nice and attractive in the picture. This can be done by using a good quality camera which gives it high resolution pictures as nowadays, a bit of dirt or imperfection can also be clearly visible in the picture.

Shoot under good lighting

The first give away of an amateur photography shots is bad lighting. Natural light is the most ideal lighting option for any kind of product photos and should be used when possible

Prefer clean neutral background

Whether you shoot the product pictures or pictures with model, Product photos taken against a neutral and clean background always looks best. A white or solid background is usually preferred, but there are some cases where a textured back ground will also work.

Take the photographs from an angle

A product photo taken from an angle provides a three dimensional view that is much more attractive in comparison to a face -on orthographic view. Also ensure that the distance between the object and the camera is perfect where the product is far enough so it can be zoomed in while taking the shot. This gives the picture much more clarity in comparison to a photo taken from a closer distance as it might look distorted.

Focus more on the product than the model

This is another common mistake I see store owners makes, is they feature models that distract from the item. Your model should be attractive and compliment the product but not over made up or accessorized to distract from the product.

Show product variations in the photo

If a product is available in various color options it is always advisable that they are all displayed in a set as opposed to having one product and mentioning in words that it is available in multiple color options. Giving all the details visually makes the product photos look much more appealing and attractive.

Edit the product picture before putting them up on the website.

Before loading to your store or even social media take a moment to do some basic editing to the photo such as uniformity in the size of the photos, last touch ups like color correction, and cropping. These can greatly impact the final quality of the product photos and the overall image of your site



Use Live Chat effectively and Grow your business

Putting live chat option on your site means building trust on your brand by providing answers to visitor’s questions in real time. This click to chat option not only provides customer service but it also generates leads and helps increasing conversions.  In this blog post we’re going to get into why and how live chat can improve your business by maximizing its effectiveness.

Customer’s Convenience

Did you know that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer. An online chat system provides customers immediate access to help.

Chat option cuts down expenses

Live chat reduces overall contact center costs by lowering average interaction costs. It Increases efficiency by allowing live chat representatives to handle multiple chats simultaneously, thus reducing the need to hire more representatives. Not only is this a process improvement but it increases the chances of overall sales.

It helps Increasing Sales

Once the consumer is engaged on chat with you then you can easily understand their needs. The key is that customers have someone who can immediately walk them through a sale if they become confused or have a question that can make or break a sale. This helps cut bounces away from retail websites and make sure that full shopping carts make it through check out.

Turn Customer Pain Points into profits

A customer’s frustration or need that has yet to be filled is called a pain points. Marketers turn these pain points into profit. As live chat representatives talk to customers, they can find out ways to improve a company’s products and services.

Let live Chat option take your business an extra mile

Live chat can obviously increase your business potential, but only if it’s executed correctly. Here are some important tips to make sure you make the most out of live chat software:

  • Train your team! Your live chat representatives have to be extremely knowledgeable about your inventory and website navigation.
  • Provide warm, human help to a customer’s shopping experience. Having robotic greetings or responses can kill the effectiveness of live chat.
  • Boost your social media. When you receive positive feedback from online visitors and customers, remind your visitors to Like your Facebook page and leave a comment on it.
  • Give your customers helpful chat features. Customers will also need to be able to change the font size and to ask a transcript of the chat.

Besides finding the right software, companies using live chat will need to give specialized training for their employees. Live chat is different from a phone call, since all replies must be short sentences that get right to the point.

The Right Live Chat Package for Your Business

GetMeAShop provides an amazing live chat option for your store with Zopim software.  Get started on live chat today. The software offers the best interface and simplest integration into your website. Long paragraphs don’t work in live chat. Use the art to knowing when to ask and when to offer solutions or more products.



Why your Facebook page is not growing

Engage users and grow faster

Of course it is hard to grow a community and achieve higher level of reader’s engagement on a Facebook page. Ask yourself, am I leveraging all the available features and tools to meet growth and interaction?  Let’s move forward and check a few things that you might be lacking in your daily operation and what we need to do to build a growing and engaging community on Facebook.

Lists your goals. Are you using your page to create signups to your site or sell products? Are you trying to generate traffic from your Facebook Page to your site or blog? Are you using the Page as a hub or destination for your online strategy?

Have a look at the reasons why your Facebook Page is not taking off:

Proper promotion

Facebook has made it very easy for you to deploy assets that integrate with other platforms such as your blog (or any kind of website). Visit Facebook Badges for a variety of tools you can integrate including the Like button, Like Box, and even Facebook Comments or Login buttons.

Regular Posts

Frequency builds momentum. Have a plan and stick to it, 2 to 3 posts per day should be enough, then see how people react and adjust.

Customer’s Engagement

If your visitors are not encouraged to take part they won’t. Ask them openly to take part and share their thoughts. Imagine if you could turn your Page into a Q&A forum in which you share your knowledge and ability in your field to solve problems.

Use different Media

As opposed to Twitter where you are dealing with text-only posts, Facebook gives you the option to post kinds of media from video to photography and even questions without having to follow a link and leaving your page. Leverage that, people engage more with visuals. There are tons of content you can share.

Post Quality Content

Share only that stuff which is relevant to your audience. People have to see you as a great resource. Be edgy. Be unique and post stuff that’s exclusive to your Facebook audience

Posts at the correct times

A lot has been said about the best times to post content on different networks, such as, some say that rush hours on Twitter are 9am, 12pm and 3pm and you have more exposure at those times. Facebook is the same, people seem to spend longer periods of time during weekends and when they get off from the daily grind while Twitter on the other hand pretty much dies. Instead of recommending best times, experiment with different times and track when people interacts the most.

Pay attention to Analytics

Are you checking your Facebook insights on regular basis? Allocate a small time for analytics each month and while you’re there making an effort to learn a bit more. Facebook Insights has been improving a lot if you haven’t paid a visit in a while, there is enough data there to get to know your audience a little better and be aware of your performance.


Meet your customer’s expectations and Grow

Cost-Effective Way to Gain More Loyal Customers

With the ease of shopping online in today’s era, Customer’s expectations are rising faster and being a startup you must try every tactic to respond faster else your brand’s reputation may get tarnished.  Thank the technology or blame it but the customer expectations have evolved over time and rapidly in the last few years. Nearly 95% of leaders say providing a good customer experience is their top strategic priority.

Here are some customers’ expectations that you must meet to keep them happy and get conversions.

Personalized experience

Customers expect a company to put the information and products they want where they expect to find them. Nearly half of consumers will dump their online cart if they can’t find a quick answer to their questions. A toll-free number must be prominently displayed on all web pages so customers don’t have to work to find it.

Constant contact

The majority of customers don’t find advertising, promotions and “just touching base” as a nuisance. They expect some follow-up efforts to fill in their customer experience. It’s a request that can benefit business as well. Keeping in touch can deflect incoming contacts, which can cut costs and boost customer satisfaction and revenues.

Fast, efficient and correct service

Give them quality service and they will return to make purchase from your store

High quality products at a competitive price

Do you know why a customer compares price? Who wouldn’t want to buy a product of the same brand from a merchant who offers a good price than others? Keep offering discounts and keep your product price per the market rate and you will soon end up creating monopoly.

Listen closely, respond quickly

Listen and respond to get feedback, act on it and let customers know what’s been done to make their experience better based on the data. If not, customers will cease to give feedback. Service pros can work through issues, make the experience better and usually save relationships.

All of these expectations comprise the least of what your top-notch service should look like. Additional expectations may arise from your customer research, which you can address on an individual basis.

Benefits of Meeting Expectations

When you can accurately identify and adequately meet your customers’ expectations, your customer service reputation will automatically be enhanced.

  • Customers that transform from first-time visitors to loyal clients
  • Increased sales as customers feel more comfortable doing business with you


Magnifying glass search internet

Begin SEO with research

As an owner of an online startup, you face many questions about how to get found in the Google search when someone searches for shopping online.  Perhaps this is the most important question that “How long will it take me to get ranked in the top search for my keywords?” Research is the most important piece of SEO.

Targeting the wrong keywords can ruin your campaign by generating low quality traffic and few conversions, and no business wants that! Before you begin any SEO work you need to start with research – keyword research and competitor research.

Keyword Research

Find keywords for your homepage and product pages

When it comes to optimizing the most important pages of your website, you should consider relevancy, search volume, and ranking difficulty.

Be careful to not choose keywords that are too broad or too competitive. For example, if you manufacture “all natural” coffee filters, you should not go after broad keywords like “coffee,” “natural coffee,” or “organic coffee,” as these are not specific keywords for people who are looking for coffee filters. Also, those keywords have high competition, and your site probably won’t rank for them against large coffee manufacturers.

Pinpoint keywords for blog topics

Creating blog content can aid in ranking your e-commerce business for more keywords that might not have a place on your main website. Plus, you can capitalize on long-tail keywords with your blog.

Note: You should never stuff any of your web pages or your blog posts with keywords. When writing for your blog, focus on developing great content on topics that people will want to read and share.

Competitor Research

After you’ve done keyword research, you’re half way there! Now it’s time to conduct competitor research. You should consider:

Which keywords are your main competitors going for?

Compile a list of keywords your competitors seem to be using with their SEO strategy. Also, you should look to see if they have a higher Domain Authority (DA) than you? Do their web pages have higher Page Authorities (PA) than you?

Where are they getting their links?

One really important thing to remember is to pull a list of the places your competitors are getting their inbound links.

To get this list, you can use a tool like Open Site Explorer:

What is their site architecture like?

Look at the site architecture of competing sites. What is their navigation like? How deep do their links go? E-commerce stores should pay special attention to the architecture for:

  • Popular products in a particular category
  • Related products
  • Top rated products
  • Recently viewed products

Once you have an idea of how the biggest companies within your industry organize their architecture, you can decide if you want to go the same route, follow the same route with modifications, or take a completely different route.

From a strategy perspective, how can you differentiate your website?

This question ties in closely with what we’ve just discussed about site architecture. What can you do for your site that will make it different and better than your competitors? Can you improve the navigational architecture? How can you make your site more social? Will you add a blog if your competitors don’t have one? Make a list of actions you can take to ensure your site is better for consumers than theirs.



Promote Your New Website in 30 Minutes

You created a wonderful website,uploaded the products and it’s live. Great job! When it comes to promoting the same, I have heard people saying that “I have no time,” “I don’t know what to do,” “It costs money,” “I don’t need to market,” etc. etc. So if you have thought the same then this blog will help you knowing bunch of ways to market your business in no cost and less time.

Here are some simple ways where you can promote your website, and still be left with a ton of time to spare so you can focus on other important tasks.

Send email

The fastest way to reach all of your contacts at once is to send an email blast. With GetMeAShop CRM application you can easily create a gorgeous email announcing that your website is officially up and running. Customize the look and feel of your email by adding attractive images and compelling text.

Use Social Media

If you want to connect with the masses, social media is the place to be. You’ll want to set up social accounts for your business asap, and then let your followers know that your website is live. Think of a fun way to engage with your audience by coming up with a promotion or contest around the launch of your site; it’s a surefire way to get people talking.

Optimize Your Website

If you build your website, traffic will come. Well, not necessarily. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key. You want to make your website as visible as possible in search engine’s organic results. So, how do you do that? We’re glad you asked.

Advertise Online            

Get on board the paid advertising train? Facebook advertising. You can create custom Facebook advertising campaigns with SocialBoost based on who you’re looking to target and what your budget is.


Amazing tips to help your startup succeed

E commerce today has become the most sought-after sector for entrepreneurs. More innovations have revolutionized the global ecommerce industry.  Here we would like to share with you some extremely useful tips to make your online retail platform a success.

Tip 15

Tip 26

Tip 3


Tip 43

Tip 54 Tip 6


Tip 78

Tip 89


Tip 910

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Amazing ecommerce marketing tips

Marketing should not be centered around tactics.

There are endless marketing opportunities around you. Maybe you’ve just setup a nice store to sell your new running dress designs or a grocery store and are using each possible tactics to publicize the products. Regardless of your situation, everyone gets to that point where ecommerce marketing becomes a huge factor. How do you step back and test your current marketing tactics? Are you doing it all right or can you start other marketing campaigns to bring in more devoted customers and increase conversions?

In my previous blogs you have read about the efficient marketing strategies.  In this blog, have a look at the Ecommerce marketing tricks that will enlighten your path to success of your business.

Automated email marketing campaign

The best method of influencing your customers is email marketing. Use an email marketing campaign to keep in contact with your customers, send them helpful information and sell your products.

At GetMeAShop we have built a Customer relation management (CRM) tool where you can find the best email marketing solution and notify your customers through SMS/emails.

Use Social Media and diversify your Platform

Social media is always a tough sell for ecommerce companies, since it’s tough to figure out which platforms work best in certain markets.  Spread your content through these mediums, and use social media analytics tools to understand which ones work best.

With our marketing tool you can Create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus pages and link them to your website. Spreading out your social media presence gives all of your customers a way to connect with your company.

Create appealing content

Build a strong connection with your customers with quality content that connects the users with your brand. Many companies use content pulled from around the web in their ecommerce marketing strategies to free up time for other business tasks.

With our platinum plan, our content specialist will make Original content like posts, blogs, product feature content that will help you build your ecommerce site as a knowledge base for those interested in learning more about your market.

Automate Your Social Networks

Not all social content needs automation, but you’ll find that planning your social strategy frees up time for other tasks in your business.

For example, when you schedule a month of Facebook posts, you no longer have to think about it for the rest of the month. Moderating comments is still needed, but knocking out your social posts in one day means you don’t have to shift gears every week or day to post content on social networks.

Reach Out to Customers in Their Native Languages

It’s common for ecommerce stores to sell items to people all over the world. Just because you speak English doesn’t mean that you can’t sell to someone who speaks French.

With GetMeAShop  translate language you don’t exclude people in other countries who don’t understand your language. You can easily reach out to foreign customers by providing translation features in your online store.

Simpler checkout process

Customers abandon their carts if they find the checkout process complicated. Put exactly the types of buttons and words that convince people to buy.

Mobile application

Nowadays your customers crave mobile responsiveness. They don’t want to open a completely different mobile site to see a mobile-friendly interface.

WE offer you not only a mobile friendly interface but also mobile application for your brand to sell directly through app. We provide a responsive interface so that your ecommerce website transforms for devices like tablets and smartphones.

Ecommerce Social Ads

Social ads are interesting, because you rarely have to spend a dime to test them out. For example, Facebook lets you send out as many posts as you want on your business page. Once one of the posts receives a bunch of likes and comments, you know that it’s something that customers are interested in.

Launch stores on multiple platforms

With GetMeAShop   , You can sell your items on platforms like Jabong, Ebay, Amazon, and Facebook (Facebook store) . All of these have new opportunities for revenue streams, so give them a try to find more customers.