Why is time management important in E-commerce business?

“Time and tide wait for nobody.” Time management is a very important aspect of managing a business efficiently and effectively. You should be committed towards your business in every way possible to make it prosper and successful so that the business can repay you it in terms of profits. Lack of time management may result in the downfall of your business.

Have a look at some steps that should be followed to manage your time wisely.

Stay up to date

Being up to date with your work is an important thing for every entrepreneur not only when you are starting off with your business but also while the business is at the profitable stage. Keep a track on the products, sales, promotions, and all the process that is going on, on your site.

Have a working plan

Create and follow a blueprint of the things you need to do so that it not only saves your hard work but also your time. You should know on which path you have to go and this will help you do each task at the right time without any confusion. Make a long-term time management habit and decide on how much time you will spend on marketing, social media, book keeping, email marketing and other important activities. Put it down on paper and stick to it without fail.

Know your priorities

You should know your priority i.e. which work is more important and to be done on priority and then make a plan accordingly. Divide the work accordingly as per preference, relevance, and its importance and this can only be done by managing a daily schedule.

Devote your clock wisely

Invest your time according to the preferences you make. Make use of every second possible understand the importance of your work. Try not to waste your time on unnecessary tasks that wastes your time.

Use the latest applications and technology

In this world of technology, there are many applications that can help you in managing your time wisely. These can help you keeping a track of things you have to do and whenever required, set reminders for important tasks so that you can be on time.

Do not burden yourself

Do not stress yourself with the work you do. Don’t exhaust your mind because certainly, it will start losing its creativity which can be dangerous to your health as well as the business. Therefore, take proper rest because’all work and no play make Jack a dull boy’.



How negative reviews can kill a Startup

Manage your brand’s online reputation

According to a latest study, about 90% of people today will not buy a product that has bad reviews. So, how will you ensure that all the reviews your brand receives are positive? With the internet making it really easy to for the potential customers to jump online and make a purchase decision in a matter of seconds, startups must make sure that they provide a good customer service. Go beyond expectations to ensure that you receive 5-star ratings.

Every startup has the fear of one angry and unfair customer who can ruin the business reputation by a negative post on Report, Yelp, or one of the hundreds complaint and review sites on the internet. Most startup owners don’t even know how to keep track of what people are saying about their product.

Bad Reviews are negative testimonials about your brand might leave a negative impression about your products and can damage your brand’s reputation. Negative reviews cannot be erased but you can counter them by responding back.

Take the negative reviews in priority and no matter how bad a negative review maybe, never argue with the one who wrote it. Rather, try to address and resolve the issue. Remember that as a business you must always listen and strives continually to improve the quality of your services.

Monitor actively what people say about you. There are some tools like Google Alerts and Reputation Defender which can help you by sending a daily email report of every link where your brand’s name appears.

Here are some tips for managing your online reputation:

  • Monitor your reviews frequently

Keep a watch and quickly address every negative review. Negative customer experiences may turn out to be positive if you not only acknowledge the problem but also resolve it.

  • Respond to all comments

Thank people for positive feedback and address the negative ones and resolve them immediately. Respond to every comment people leaves on your social media sites to let them know that you care about your customer.

  • Encourage customers to leave a review
    Positive reviews build your brand’s credibility so encourage the satisfied customer to write a review for you.
  • Try reimbursing if possible so that the customer can have a better experience and you can ask them to remove or change their review later.
  • Consider reassessing products before sending them out to the customer. Do test quality of your product and its packaging before delivering.
Business man drawing a graph

Choose a profitable E-commerce business

In today’s competitive digital world, choosing a profitable e-commerce business is the most important and intelligent decision that every entrepreneur has to make. There are several online e-commerce businesses established in the market and earning their profits. Being a startup you must know your competitors and the ways to make your business successful that you could not only establish your brand but also lets you earn good profit.

Have a look at some tips that should be kept in mind while implementing a business idea.

A profitable idea

Of course, you can never be sure whether your business idea would be profitable or no but having faith in your idea will definitely lead your way to success. Dedicate your time to your startup and decide the idea of your business according to your interest.

Go with your passion and dream

No one knows your ability and desires to achieve better than you so do something that you really like and give your 100% to it. Building an e-commerce business is a lot of pain work and you may hit several bumps in your journey. Keep your passion and determination up while you go through the hard times of managing it.

What’s trending

While thinking of a business idea the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that the product or service that is chosen must be in demand i.e. the need and necessity of the consumers so that the demand for your products and services are always high.

Choosing the right target audience

You should know your audience who can be your customers later on. This is an important part the taste and liking of the audience determine what exactly you’re supposed to create.  Make the product according to the needs of the consumers so that it becomes popular and one of the favorite among the customers.

Market research

Analyze your market and know your competitors, their strengths, weaknesses and how you can serve the customers better than them so that the consumers pick your service over them.

Get a team

A nice team is mandatory and is important so that the idea you have chosen is implemented properly. To prosper a business idea it is very important to divide the work in a way that your small team could carry out with full dedication.

Build a Unique Brand

A superior understanding of your customer, a unique brand website is something that makes a place in customer’s mind.  Tap on a culture that makes your brand unique among others in the industry.

Consider your industry Experience

If you have worked before in the industry and knows it’s in’s and out’s then you can use your skills to create your online business in the same field. Turn your experience into expertise and make a great way for your online business.


7 Reasons why you should start an online business in your 20s and 30s

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”– Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Although it is never too late to start your business as entrepreneurship is full of advantages and profits at all ages still it is always better to start young because of several reasons that you will agree with. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have started companies at the beginning of their careers, starting at the later age (toward the end of their professional lives), and starting anywhere in between after leaving your job.

Have a look at some reasons why it could be a good idea to start an online business at your twenty-something with no professional experience.

Not bounded to commitments

Hundreds of new online businesses are established every day and many of them proves out to be successful while some of them are not. With very little or no financial responsibilities you can utilize your young age in starting a new business. Decide your business idea and to start with you must have your own website. Try GetMeAShop.

Your business can become Long-Term Financial Security

No worries if you fail at first, while you are young you have enough time to spend your money wisely and work harder. At first, your work may not flourish at the beginning but by the time your reach your 30s, your online business will become a great success.

Work from anywhere in the globe

Possibly once you enter your late 30s or 40s, you may not get the freedom of working from anywhere because of some other responsibilities but at the younger age, you can literally run your business from anywhere in the world.

Adapt to change

Unaware of the customs of the business world, young people are more adapt to change. They get easily adapt to the new technology advancements and software they need for the business.

The energy and passion

Hard work and patience is the key while starting and running a business. It has been noticed that people in their 20s are more energetic and self-motivated as all they have in their life is eat, sleep and startup.

Updated, passionate and highly equipped with Technology

Be it the new vehicle, the latest gadget or any change in the tech-driven world. The breed of 20s youth is someone who creates ideas from what we call the “trending” of the society. They love exploring the new in technology and know what is in demand in the market at that moment.

Personal Growth and Increased Maturity

When you own a business, the responsibilities of handling it will make you more responsible and mature as a person. At any stage of life, Starting and running your own business teaches many lessons. So, the sooner you start, the more responsible you become by the time you reach your mid-30s. You are young, eager to learn from your mistakes and moreover, don’t have many responsibilities. Give your entrepreneur career a try. Dig into some deep research, see the market and act accordingly. Get your business website up and running as a smartly designed website can do wonders for your business.


Tips to design a professional website

It is a challenging task to create a wonderful and appealing website for your company/brand. Being an entrepreneur, you must understand the major elements that make an effective web page. Designing your website contains all aspects from navigation to structure, graphics, and logo, page layouts. You must first decide on the key aspects and branding before your start designing your website. Don’t get hit by the obstacles that prevent new ideas from emerging and build a great website.

Follow these tips & tricks, shortcuts, and some common advice and take your web design to the next level.

Simplicity is the key
Always remember that the site is for customers so keep it simple. If customers will face a hard time to find the information or product they need, there are millions other options they have and will move there instead. It should not take more than 5 minutes for them to understand what your site is about.

Call to action
There are many stylish and beautiful designed website on the internet and what will make your site unique is a clear call to action that many forgets to put on their webpage. It won’t really matter how terrific your website is or how much traffic it get until you don’t clear what your visitor should do next, order, call etc.

Fast and quality load
What I really mean by saying fast and quality load is that it is tempting for visitors to see a fast loaded website with those fabulous high definition product images. A slow loading page will drive visitors away from your web store.

Use web conventions
Users visit many sites a day and they make specific expectations of how a website should look and work. Try basic conventions like underlined text for links, common menu behavior, linking the logo to the homepage etc. which are common expectations that must not be ignored.

Write for your target audience
Many of our previous blogs were about how important copy writing is for your business. And once again remember that writing an effective copy with minimum jargon. Focus on a Focusing on good copy and this will help your website getting conversions and SEO.

Contact us
Do not keep any secrets from people whom you want to sell your product. I have seen many websites who don’t disclose their phone number and address. Providing detailed contact information brags visitor’s confidence and builds trusts more than those silly form submissions. Staying clear with your business details and contact information is always a positive impression for the customer.

Be consistent
A lot of fonts, headings and colors’ may though sound tempting but might make your website look unprofessional. Stay away from creating any confusion in the visitors mind with an overdose of everything that they might never come back.

At GetMeAShop we understand your business need and to save your time from all the technical hustle of designing your store we help you embark your professional website development in few easy steps. It is a lot of hard work that is being made on few simple clicks for you to get a better result and gain conversions for your business.


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What customers really care about while purchasing from your site

Factors affecting the purchasing decision of customers

Ever thought why e-commerce sites are called the online store? It is because this is the place where customers meet the seller and communicates with each other. Customer makes a buying decision after they feel satisfied with the product they are looking for in your web store. And what really affects the buying decision of the customers is the information you provide on your website.

Have a look at the information that customer sees while buying from an online store.

Price of the product

The most important thing consumer considers while making a purchase decision is the price. In most of the cases, a customer is strongly dominated by the price of the product. Give the customer a transparent system by specifying the price for the product. By saying price, it means price information that product, packaging cost, shipping costs, etc. In the price information column, you can also show the price before and after reducing to stimulate purchasing of the customer.

 Full Product Description

More than 12% of consumer feedback is about a lack of clear product information on the retail web store. Adding the necessary product information containing its design, color, material, quality, etc makes the customer feel like they are consulted directly. In addition to this information if you add some *Detailed description, it helps to make your customers trust more

Product Status

Clear out to the customers about the availability of stock for a particular product. It sometimes becomes annoying if a visitor decides to buy something and they later found it to be out of stock. This leads to a bad impression on your online sales. GetMeAShop provides your website the option to update the product status quickly in no time. For instance, you can provide information that only 1 product in stock of a particular product; customers will pay attention to this product and will tend to check that product out.

 Provide Payment Information

You should provide full and clear information about the mode of payment. We provide you complete payment system that will help your web store customers feel safe when shopping.  Provide your customers with the ease to pay online, using wallets or cash on delivery and earn their trust in your brand.

 Shipping Information

Online shopping has cut the geographical barriers as the customers can purchase the goods from anywhere.  Provide them the necessary information about shipping including the cost of shipping, delivery method etc. Let them track their orders by providing order tracking details.

Refund Policy

This is a major reason that influences the buyer’s decision to make a purchase. Follow a good refund policy for your customers. This will earn your customers confidence and helps to remove psychological barriers when they make a purchasing decision.

At GetMeAshop, we design your website keeping in mind all the aspects of selling efficiently. We help your build Customers trust by creating a transparent, clear, principled business style. Give them the chance to experience by letting them observe, touch and try the product. The more transparent and convincing information you provide on your website, the chances that your customers purchase will be higher.






Why your Ecommerce marketing fail to attract customers

Creating, managing and developing your e-commerce is an ongoing challenge for every business. By offering discounts, offers, coupons and other promotional events you must have already presumed the profits in your mind but what really matters is how you implement the marketing policy. If you fail to work on the strategy correctly then your online selling techniques will not be successful as you would wish?

Many small businesses are now taking the advantage of the opportunities. The growth of social media has introduced many different and creative ways to target the potential customers. Here are some facts why you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Lowering the product Value
Ever thought when you keep a product on 50% discount and then slash it back to the original price after two days, you not only lose the customers but also they would feel that the product is not that worth. If you are regularly changing the price of the same product then you’ve failed to do your work correctly.
Discounting just to get those items out from your stock will only confirm to consumers that your products were not valuable as showed.

Poor Substitute for delivery
Service after the sale of the product is what makes a buyer loyal to your brand. If you’re showing a product on lower price and then delivering a poor material product, then you’re missing a big puzzle piece of e-commerce. Running promotions all the time might affect the product quality and while you get too busy on counting conversions that you forget to worry about service.

Instead of slashing prices every time you need to spend some time with the buyers and guide them toward making a smart purchasing decision.

Your digital marketing plan needs work
One of the biggest problems many brands face is not having a core competency in digital marketing. Use the correct way of promoting the product through social media channels, email marketing and SMS marketing if needed.

Remember that advertising, emails, and the social posts can get you potential customer’s attention but you must make a compelling offer to close the sale. People will not tend to buy shorts in the dead of winter or umbrellas when the sun is shining brightly.

You Did Not Reach Your Prospect

Most of the times when marketing campaign fails it’s because we fail to share them with our correct customer and prospect group. Failing to put it in front of the right folks might happen in a few ways.

  • advertised in the wrong places
  • picked the wrong keywords.
  • Small time period to run the campaign

Make certain that your campaigns correctly target your best potential customers.



Do effective business blogging

Your business blog is the most cost- effective and simplest way to promote your business. If done correctly it can drive traffic to your website, increase sales and reach a new market. Though many businesses are yet not aware of this powerful tool but many small businesses are using this as a means to connect with the potential customers. Make proper adjustments if you expect people to read and recommend your blog to others.

Encourage readers to participate in to increase readers’ engagement. Blog posts which get regular comments prove that your business is ready and willing to listen to others. Respond to every comment and encourage readers to participate in your blog discussions to increase reader involvement.

Here are some helpful writing tips to make your business blog stand out from the crowd

Engage the readers
Be yourself, be expressive and engage the readers. Don’t make it a formal writing piece or a press release because this is not what it is meant to be. Utilize the chance to highlight your business and brand in front of the customers and potential customers to get to know you better.

Be specific
It is completely fine if your blog doesn’t cross 4000-word limit. No worries if you’ve got a topic that gets complete in 400 words. Short concise blogs can be equally effective as longer posts.

How often should I blog?
You can write one in a week but writing daily is good for your business. Create a new post at least once a week.

Don’t create your brand’s hype
If your blog posts are constantly about praising you product and servicing then readers will instantly switch off from your blog. Write about guidelines, industry opinion and news related to your product but do not praise them yourself. Even information about your products and services are fine, just forget about the hype!

Be Relevant
Always remember that this is not your personal blog, so do not put your personal opinion on the blog. You are representing your brand and company so keep that sense and keep it a mix of blog relevant to your business.

Use spell and grammar checker
Spelling and grammar do matter when you represent a brand. It is natural to make mistakes while writing. Consider checking for errors using grammar and spell check tools which will avoid upsetting those for whom these things matter, the quality in your words will determine your industry standard.

Write regularly
Plan your topic in advance and make it a habit of writing regularly. Keep a couple of unpublished posts in reserve to use them on occasions when your run out of time if write. Writing often increases the chances that search engine will bring traffic to your blog.

Use images
Include an image to add to your content and capture readers’ attention. Adjust the quality and file formats to optimize the image for the web. Add relevant tags and description with the image.


Common mistakes made by Ecommerce startups


When you start your business, everything does not become rewarding from the beginning. There are many pitfalls along the way and falling into them could lead to serious damage to your business. Traditional businesses that never imagined being online have set up E-commerce stores which is a clear indicator that the future of E-commerce holds something beyond one’s imagination.

According to a recent survey by UPS, 70% consumers prefer to shop online, it is a clear indicator among others of the growing importance for e-commerce stores.  For E-commerce startups, the challenge to sustain in the business is tougher because they have to handle multiple aspects, ranging from technical, marketing and reaching new users.

Here are some most common mistakes made by e-commerce startups. Avoid these and you’ll stand a great survival chance.

Creating short-term goals

If you go by facts – 9 out of 10 startups fail, even after securing early stage investment. Of course there are many factors behind the fail but the most common in them is losing sight of long-term goals and getting carried away in following short-term marketing goals.

A person who visits your store to simply grab the discount or offer cannot be thought of staying loyal. Hence rather than offering enormous discounts to gain customers focus on creating a strong product which also has quality. Provide faultless support and great after sale service. Set goals for long-term success.

Not choosing the correct E-commerce platform

It is very important for every E-commerce platform to do a comprehensive research before starting your E-commerce. Determine the features and tools a platform provides to ensure you make the right choice.

For instance, if you are not tech friendly and are looking for a quick and easy way to get started, then using a SaaS platform is be a good option. If you want a lot of customization and control, you can choose to go with GetMeAShop that provides you a total solution for your business every ecommerce needs

Do not avoid content marketing

Content marketing is the face of online revolution which not only helps in driving sales but also establishes the brand in the market. Ignoring this is the mistake you need to avoid making to get the taste of everlasting business success.

Inform, educate and grab reader’s attention with your content. Create a net with your content that arrests the readers and forces them to stay connected to your store. Opt for guest blogging and add link back to your landing pages or social channels to re- route traffic to your platform.

Ignoring to focus on analytics

How will your decide whether your marketing efforts have failed or succeed.  By not tracking the results of your campaigns, you are wasting the efforts being made for the social media campaigns. Eventually your strategy will end up being faulty so stay continuously focused and learn over the time will make the difference.



Give your visitors a reason to return

May be you never noticed this but your website generates two main types of visitors. These are the visitors that stop, buy and return and the other one who leave and never return again. When you can motivate new visitors to come back to your store, you’re right on your way of converting them to customers.

Majority of people who visits your website do not make a purchase at the first time. Your website needs to earn their trust by establishing credibility, liking and authority. Have a look at the ideas and strategies to give your visitors a reason to return.

Don’t miss out the checklist to ensure that you’re doing all that you can to convert new visitors to leads or sales.

Keep your website design new and up-to-date
First impression is the last impression. May be you have an awesome content and high quality products but if your site looks like it was designed in mid-90s then you might be losing customers. If presented with a better quality alternative, people will likely go with the more professional option. Keep changing your website design to keep up with modern design trends.

Keep a simple call to action on your website
People usually trust the websites that clearly displays a contact number or email address. Make sure that your home page announces new products with a link to the product either as a static showcase page or directly to the product within your online store?

Keep your website content up-to-date
Customers enjoy seeing new and interesting products, so make sure that you keep changing the content and description about the products. You can use newsletter to announce about it. Change what you present on your Home page at least once a month.

Keep a connect with your customers
Do send regular email newsletter campaigns providing customers with benefits to click on links taking them to your landing page. Don’t forget to include promotional discount codes in your newsletters.

Advertise your brand
Find out about the sources of advertising in other mediums of print publications relevant to your industry. Enquire about banner ad space on websites where you think your customers might visit. If you have a bricks and mortar store as well, , include your website URL on your premise’s and small posters kept in your office.