A billionaire barber who owns a Rolls Royce

In this mighty world, nothing is impossible to achieve. The only thing that a person should delicate towards is its motto, honesty, hard work and should have a foresight for its precious life. A person who follows this cannot be stopped from earning a decent amount of money, getting rich and achieving your success. The story of Ramesh Babu is an example that will definitely inspire you to how you can rush ahead in this cut-throat competitions in a business world while doing things that you love and passionate of. This ordinary barber proved to be a great businessman and with his skills, he reached to a new height that has now made him a triumphant millionaire that sounds astonishing to hear for the first time.

Ramesh Babu is a Bangalore based barber who runs his business of cutting and styling hair. He charges 100 rs to his customers for a haircut and now owns a Rolls Royce Ghost worth Rs 3.1 Crore and owns 67 other cars as well.

How it all started

1989: However his life was not so easy before. His father died in 1989, when he was nine. His father owned a small     salon which was the only means of their survival. After, Ramesh’s mother started working in his shop located at Brigade Road as a domestic help, making their shop on a rent for Rs 5 a day.

1994: Ramesh discontinued his study after Class 10 and decided to run his father’s shop as a barber. The salon named as ‘Inner Space’ running under a shopping complex near his school. As the salon business started growing well, he purchased Maruti Omni Van and started renting it out and this car rental business became a turning point in his life. However, he was running a successful taxi operation business by the name of Ramesh Tours and Travels during the end of the year, 1990.

2004: He entered into the luxury car rental and self-drive business and hasn’t look back since.

“This is more of a passion. As for being a barber, I will continue to be one as long as my hands are healthy”, said the millionaire barber and also added, “Somehow, things have clicked for me”.  Even today, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He charge Rs 65 for a haircut of his old customers. He says that he will continue to cut hair as long as his hands are healthy.  Although, he charge Rs 75,000 a day for the Rolls. He also owns a Suzuki Intruder high-end bike which is worth Rs 16 lakh. Apart from the Rolls Royce, his fleet includes 4 Mercedes, BMWs and 50 Toyota Innovas, which he rents out.

This is the time to get amazed that his clients include Military officers, Politicians & Famous Bollywood movie stars .  Most probably, there is a chance of making a film on the life of this ordinary millionaire that has expected to be released soon.




How small online retailers can succeed

Online retail has now become the source of profit making in this social digitalized world. Offering customers something unique which has become the need of the market. It can be a difficult task to stand out from the crowd and offer customers something that can be vital. The most significant thing that has to be remembered in online retail is to provide the customer what they want and what they really need. In order to succeed your business, you need to see your business through the customer’s eyes so that they feel the urge to buy your products.

Have a look at some simple tips and tricks to succeed your online business.

Decide your target audience

If you want to increase your online sales, you have to figure out who exactly is your target audience, what their need is, and what they really want. Don’t let your business get killed thinking that everyone is your target. A target audience can be anybody; it can be a businessman, a servant, oldies, children or anyone. Deciding your target audience is a first stage in the market strategy of a business.

Stay connected to the users

Some of the best tricks to grow your business is providing some exciting offers (50% Sale is on), product emailing, Sending SMS about the offers, offering discounts, giving free shipping, and make the ordering process more simple and easy with those well comprehensible shopping carts and make sure that it cannot be hidden with the rest of the site and easily placed in a prominent place. These exciting things will keep a customer’s interest to your products, services and ultimately the customer will feel connected to you. Also, ensure that the shopping cart must be an ease for the customers to select their products and add it to the cart with just one click and then confirm their order with the other click.

Be socially active

Social media has become a leading initiative platform to showcase your business to your customers. This creative platform is the heartbeat of your business that gives you the successive glance into the lives of your customers. Stay active on social media platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog etc and post frequently.


Make your SEO powerful to stay on top in online retailing. Apply the correct keywords and get found on the Google. Correct SEO helps a business to experience a rapid growth in their business.

Know your competitors

The more you build a strong relationship with your competitors, the more it helps making your business better and stronger. Know all your competitors. Keep your keen eye and pay attention to the other online retailing stores as well to understand better your competitors. Study their websites, have a look on articles about them in newspapers, magazines, online social websites. Use Google Alerts to track what’s has being said about them online.

Upgrade your website

A well-designed website can attract the customers to view the products and purchase them. As you’re setting your online retailing store, you have the ability to customize your own website with a wide range of settings and themes. Decide a theme that can bring the customer to your website. At GetMeAShop, you can select a professionally designed theme, customize it, and bring it to your clients to promote it better to get a reach to the targeted customer. Build a section to accept the credit card or other card payment safely and securely.



Importance of Infographics in content marketing efforts

Content marketing simply means building new customers, leads and brand loyalty with the help of visual or text content.  Mostly blog, YouTube channel, infographics are typically used for branding a business.

Words are powerful but pictures take the lead when it comes to conveying a message effectively and leaves a long lasting impact on the viewers. Research shows that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Though infographics have now become famous when it comes to content marketing, high- quality content is required to communicate the picture effectively.

An Inside Look at Infographics

Infographics simplifies complex data and details in a compelling way for greater clarity. Startups and marketers have repeatedly seen the power of infographics for content marketing.

Infographics have become so popular in content marketing for a variety of reasons:

  • They allow extensive marketing statistics to be expressed in a clear and compelling style.
  • They distinguish brands in brand publishing.
  • They provide a way for brands to express distinction, thought leadership, and share data that supports their company.
  • It helps developing a sensible, easy-to-follow flow of information

Infographics have maintained their momentum in marketing. With its quality content and smart design, it helps marketers communicate their content to ensure that consumers get the picture.

People shares infographics

Infographics are interesting and evoke a sense of pleasure because of bright colors and images. Also, audiences grab the information in a less stressful way. Hence, people are likely to share your blogs and articles if they contain infographics rather than lengthy articles and essays. You can use Google Analytics to track how people are engaging with your blogs that have infographics. Plus, your infographics will also be shared across social networks, which helps your building more concrete links.

Helps building brand awareness

Your infographics are effective marketing tools to build brand awareness. This is because visuals used in the illustration of content can convey your business message to the audience easily and so your brand stays in the memory of the audience for a longer time.

You can also use infographics offline for marketing activities. For example, you can take out printed versions of infographics to distribute them on the sidelines of an event or use them on brochures and leaflets to promote your products and services.


Modern consumer behavior in a multi-channel world

Over the last few years, modern consumer behavior has changed so drastically that even after throwing out huge discounts and offers the retailers aren’t feeling the revenue benefits. Consumer now purchases online with the click, browse and buy ease. Some are loyal to one seller whereas some still opts for brick-&-mortar stores.  Many shoppers are still buying online keeping in mind the convenient of product at doorstep shopping.

The bigger question in this picture is with all this data, how will retailers alter their merchandising and channel strategies to attract customers and provide a multi channel experience that consumer can remember for long.

Customers are more informed, demanding and have higher service expectations. They expect companies to help them, now them and to value them.

What Retailers Need to Do

An independent survey on ecommerce site usage identified the following demand for multi-channel support:

  • 57% of online consumers would abandon their online purchase if they could not find a quick answer to their questions
  • 44% felt that having their questions answered by a live person while they were in the process of online shopping was one of the most important features of a website
  • 27% stated that they liked having an instant messaging / online chat box appear to ask if they needed help with their online research or purchase.

With the changed consumer shopping behavior, here are some things that you as a retailer must do to keep up your sales, better customer relationships and increasing your bottom line.

Go Multi-Channel

Surveys suggests 60% believe that multiple retail channels including web, social, mobile, and physical retail will be the norm for most stores. If you want to keep up with those expectations, GetMeAShop makes it really easy with its ecommerce solution to all your business needs.

Engage Shopper’s Opinions

Ask your shoppers to like your brand’s Facebook page, take photo with your product and tag the brand hashtag on Facebook & Instagram or to share it over twitter. You could incentive this through contests, giveaways, coupons, and other creative promotional campaigns.

Embrace Customer Habits

Consumers will continue to evolve alongside technology, it’s time that businesses own up to the fact that in order to stay competitive, relevant, and most importantly, profitable, you have to keep up. Hopefully this post shed some light on two very buzz-worthy trends and highlighted some practical take-aways for your business.

Engage Customers with good Service and Incentives

Human interaction is still an important driver behind why consumers still prefers to purchase products in-store versus online. E-commerce retailers can take advantage of this by increasing interaction between sales staff and customers and making it easier than ever to return, exchange, or refund products.



What does your customer really want?

This is one of the important questions which every entrepreneur should take care of so that they can earn customer’s loyalty for their business which is a very important thing for earning the profit and maintaining good customer relationship. Know what do they want and need to keep coming back to you again?

To be truly successful, you need to see your business through your customer’s eyes. Here are some ways to do that:

Build trust

Trust is the most important and foremost thing in a business. With enormous e-commerce platforms available, Customers always stays in doubt to trust the new thing but it is your job to make them trust you by not only providing them good services while they purchase but also post sales service.


Value of money they pay

One of the things that people fear while purchasing online is that they won’t get the same product as you have shown in the virtual platform. This comes out as a drawback and results in customers returning or not buying your products. So make sure that the quality of your product is the same which you show at the time of delivery so that they tend to shop from your site again.


After sale service

After sale service is your responsibility when you are selling the product to your customer as there might be some problem that the customers may be facing and if you talk and listen to their problem this will help them build a connect between you and the customer.


New ideas

People can get easily bored with the old stuff so provide them new things and product so that they are attracted and get more options for themselves and interested in your website. Provide them new offers so that they are forced to buy your product over others.


Personal connection

The customers want to feel important. Show them that they are important to you by answering their queries on a regular basis; solve their queries quickly so they can feel connected to you.


Keep providing them offers

Offers and discount are the things that keep a customer’s interest to your product and services. Do bulk emailing and send out SMS about your offers & the customer will feel connected to you.



Why advertising your brand on YouTube is beneficial

YouTube is a very vast platform covering about one-third of the world online traffic on it. It is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website worldwide, behind Google and Facebook respectively. 1 billion people visit YouTube each month globally and about 100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube. So if you invest a good time in promoting your business on YouTube it can come out to be fruitful.
So if you are looking to advertise your brand on social platform then where you can reach millions with small videos then YouTube is the place for you. Here are some reasons why advertising on YouTube is a great and beneficial option for advertising:

Massive audience reach
Millions of users browse for videos everyday on YouTube. Creating video content opens the door to new visitors and even those who would never come across your business any other way and has no interest in it but will still see your ads.

The prices of ads are lowest on YouTube
YouTube advertising is cheap. With true views advertising option you can reach the original audience and pay for the real views. You only pay when a user watches 30 seconds or your entire ad – whichever comes first. So you never pay for impressions that don’t keep viewers watching.

It makes your advertising attractive
Posting videos make your advertisement more attractive as it gathers the interest of many people and by seeing the visuals people understand your ads more efficiently and somewhere they can also relate to them. It is a plus point for you to even make a boring advertisement interesting

Get found on Google
You may have noticed that the top result for a search is always videos rather than the text. This means Google also knows that the videos are more important than the text and people understand it even more. This can be used as a good business strategy as you can write a text about your business and can post videos relating to it so people will see the video in the search and will see it.

The best targeting options
You also have a keyword, and topics to help your video to be seen by the right people. You can also place your ad on the video you wish to so you can choose the videos that are intended and you can even put it on your competitor’s videos so that you can steal the eye of the viewers in starting than their videos.

Make money
You can even earn money from your video Google’s AdSense for Video program. Over 1 million content creators from 30 countries around the globe are earning money simply through YouTube videos. Thousands of channels are making six figures a year.


Make your first sale online

After getting your online store up and running (GetMeAShop helps you building your online presence) you have now become an online merchant. Great! You must now look ahead to make your first sale and then many many more. Making your first successful sale can be a turning point for the life of your business.

However, this is definitely not going to be that simple as getting your first customer can be a long and exhausting battle.  To make it easier, here are some ways to make your first sale, and then many.

Build your Email List

Having an email list of new and potential customer’s means that you can get your product information on their mailboxes. Start building your email list from the very first day so that you can showcase those offering to encourage people to join and buy goods from your store.

Start Blogging

Utilize the limitless potential of content marketing with your brand’s blog. Create valuable content and gain trust in your brand and keep people informed. Blogging provide you with some good content to share on social media and helps you rank in search engines.

Interview Industry Influencers

Remember the importance of content marketing I mentioned earlier? Well, interviewing an industry influencer is a prime example of how to create epic content.

 Try Google AdWords

Create targeted ads campaign to get searched with predefined keywords.

Additionally, your ads also will appear on websites and articles which contain similar keywords.

Sell Wholesale to Other Retailers

Selling to customers is one thing but you can always look for option for selling to other retailer. This will help you increase in cash flow. In simple words, selling wholesale could indirectly boost your consumer sales.

Pay Attention to Stats

Website analytics will show you what your customers are doing on your site, which page do they visit and on which page do they spend most of their time.  The best thing about it is that it won’t cost you a penny. Google Analytics is a free service which allows you to measure your traffic in more ways than you can think of.

Offer a Contest or Giveaway

Who don’t love free and reasonable stuff; a contest or giveaway could help you boost your sales effort. Use this as an opportunity to show the potential customers that your brand can be trusted.

Begin Tweeting on Twitter

Engage your target market using twitter. It is an excellent way to find your potential customers and answer the question they tweet about your brand.

Make Connections on LinkedIn

This is the official block on the social media. Find and connect with the industry professionals. You may not get direct sales from LinkedIn, but you’ll discover huge opportunities with other companies, suppliers, related websites and much more.

Go Visual with Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine

Represent your brand’s personality and creativity via these effective platforms. Use the medium of visuals and promote your brand with behind the scenes videos and images.

Don’t Forget Facebook

It is old yet the powerhouse of social media marketing. It may not be what it once was, but make no mistake, Facebook still is a social media powerhouse.

Leverage your brand’s Facebook profile and your business page to engage with friends, family, and acquaintances and to get people talking about your products. Post creative status and add the page account to fan groups that are relevant to your niche.

Create an Infographic

Providing information through graphic is in trend, it is a visual representation of facts and statistics in a form that is easy to digest. Although they aren’t entirely easy to create, infographics are gold when it comes to social shares and search engine traffic.

Design your Store beautifully

First impression is everything, and when it comes to selling online, the first impression of your website depends a lot on the web design.

Easy navigation and full product information without so much scrolling and exploring is what the website should present.

Creating a store with GetMeAShop, we make sure that your store is responsive to mobile devices is a vital part. Perhaps more so than having a website built for standard PCs and Laptops. Internet Retailer recently reported that 55% of all online shopping occurred via mobile devices in June 2013 compared with just 45% from desktops and laptops.


And this is why your E-commerce store needs proper attention

Know the facts related to Indian Ecommerce industry

According to a latest report, E-commerce industry in India is likely to be more than USD 38 billion in 2016, a 67% high over the USD 23 billion revenues for 2015. It is noted that online buying trends during 2016 will witness a significant hike due to aggressive online discounts, rising fuel price and wider and abundant choice will hit the e-commerce industry in 2016. It is observed that mobile commerce (m-commerce) is growing rapidly as a stable and secure supplement to the e-commerce industry.
Here are some interesting facts and trends about ecommerce that every Ecommerce entrepreneur should know:









































Some social media engagement tactics to grow your audiences

Social media is one of the strongest platforms through which you can advertise your business to a large number of people in a very short period of time. It is the best way for promoting your brand.
No matter what’s your company’s industry or size, you can encourage some deeper connections and improve your social media engagement. Here are some ways to boost your social media engagement for free.

Highlight using #hashtags:
Using #hashtags are in the trend, now-a-days people highlight their important things by using these hashtags and it helps recognizing the important things for the people reading it and when then these hashtags posts can be searched later.

Post on regular basis
Post photos and videos on a regular basis so that people are always engaged with your page and they regularly visit your page. Sharing videos and quotes attract a lot of people as some people are regular readers of posts. Sharing such posts can also interest the people who are not related to your business.

Use stickers and emoticons
Stickers and emoticons make your post and page more effective and attractive. Using them may help you engaging a number audience.

Use graphics
Use the images and videos that are built in house with your logo on it so that people know your brand’s name and can identify it in crowdie social platform.

Always follow back the new users
This is the golden rule that you should follow back the people who follow you as in the social networking people often follows others just to get a follow back which can benefit both the parties involved. So keep in mind to follow back.

Post about social issues
Posting about the social issues related to your business will attract many new users and they are keen to read about the popular topics and would gather information about it in which your posts can help them.

Respond quickly
Try to stay active on these platforms by answering messages, Comment reply to ignore the delayed response so that people feel as a part of your firm and consider themselves valuable.

Do question answer sessions
Asking questions to the audiences can engage them more to your business as they will answer the quest and will feel a part of it and it really attracts a lot of audiences.

Create and join groups
Always join groups that are of your interest and share your posts on it so that people in it can know about your business and can visit your site. This will bring a hike on the audiences who are following you. You can also create the groups and let other people join it


How well do you know your product?

The Importance of Product Knowledge

There’s always a lot of talk when you keep branding your products and it all fails as you or your representatives don’t have detailed information about your product, which ultimately leads to confusing the customers. Every market has its players; each brand has at least one competitor. As a result customers gets a lot of options to get their needs met elsewhere.

This is why product knowledge is so important within any company. Demonstrating strong product knowledge is important for creating a positive customer experience to instill faith trust within the buyer.

With the development of the brand, your company must be able to answer the basics about the product to convey where it fits in with the society. Consider these:

  • What is the purpose of your product/good or service for the customer?
  • How can it be described? (Size, , color, function, shape,benefits)
  • How is it delivered to the customers?
  • How much does it cost and the conditions for its use?

If you have a sales and customer service representatives then they must keep it simple and customer centric.


A tailored customer experience

A great customer experience is made by providing a product which is genuine, unique and contains a human touch. Try to pay close attention to the customers need more than gaining sales.

This is an area where product knowledge is very important, as it means understanding your product so thoroughly that your representative are able to make it work for any customer. A wider knowledge is the best way of ensuring your staff to be able to help that customers and offer a unique, personalised service that impresses the customer.

Recommend the best option to the customers based on what they need so that the customer feels assured and positive about the product they have bought.

Benefits over features

Listing out the product features to the customers makes them feel overwhelmed and helps them making the buying decision easier. You must always be able to explain the need and importance of the product to the customer. This is where your customer representative plays an important role with their knowledge and perceptive about the product.

Looking from the outside in

The vital thing that gives you an insight about what the customers really think is by asking them for a feedback and enables employees to expand their knowledge spectrum. Get the most honest surveys and feedbacks as this will help you make it better. This can only be done by knowing both the good and bad aspects of your products that you will be able to overcome problems and grow your company knowledge.

The growth of any new product or business is a journey that the team should embark on together. Above all, remember that every setback is just another opportunity to learn.