Apps That Make Your E-commerce Business Life Easier

The world of E-commerce business is changing fast and to stay ahead you need to work more efficiently. As a Businessman, you are always looking for tools which can make your work get complete fast. You need apps which can help you to manage stuff according to your need.

So, we have calculated everything you need as businessman and created a list according to different aspects of your business.
Here are all the apps which will make your life easy as a Businessman


As a businessman, it’s very tough to carry a data and file storage device all time with you. So, you need cloud storage which you can access from any place.

  1. Google Drive – Google Drive gives you free 15 GB cloud storage.
  1. Dropbox – Dropbox is a secure file sharing and storage app for both computer and smartphone.

Social Media Management

Social media is the biggest platform through which you are connected to your customers. So, you need app which can manage and schedule social media post.

  1. Hootsuite – Through Hootsuite, you can manage your all social media accounts through a single app.
  1. Buffer – Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.


Business require the knowledge of what’s happening all around you. This knowledge can be business related or normal news.

  1. Google Newsstand – Through this app, you can get news from every single news website in the world.
  1. Inshorts – It’s a smartphone app which gives you entire news in just 60 words.
  1. Economic Times – Through this platform, you can get all the business-related news all around the world.

Image and graphics designing

You need to edit images before posting them. You also need to create logo and graphics designing.

  1. Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop is one of the world’s best image editing app.
  1. Adobe Illustrator– Though Illustrator, you can design logo and graphics.

Content Writing

As a businessman, you need to write a lot of stuff such as letters, mails, blogs etc. So, you need apps which can help you in content writing.

  1. Grammarly – Grammarly corrects over 250 types of grammatical mistakes.
  1. Ginger – Ginger app helps you correct your grammatical and spelling mistakes.


To continuously grow, you need to track on real time analytical information about your website and social media platforms.

  1. Google Analytics – Google Analytics lets you analyze data from all touchpoints in one place.
  2. Piwik – Piwik is an open source analytics platform which can track keep a track on your website.


If you are running a business, you need a posting service which can deliver product specially if you are running an e-commerce business

  1. FedEx – FedEx is a brilliant courier delivery services which is available in almost every part of the world.
  1. Delhivery – Delhivery is a brilliant courier delivery services which is available in almost every part of India. When you create your website with GetMeAShop, you can simply integrate your delivery service with Delhivery.

How to get Faster E-mail responses?

Emails are the best source to provide information to your customers about the new in stock, offers, and deals. This also helps in making a personalized connect, developing and fostering your relationship with the audience. Email assures that your message is being properly circulated with the ones who matters to your business. When your consumer visits your site and signs up there, it provides you with an opportunity to gather email list and to pitch them later. They leave your site and that’s where email helps, it helps them recall your site and visit it often which sometime sooner or later can help you get sales.

Have a look at some tips to help you get quick response of your emails:

Catchy Subject line

An email begins with the subject. The audience will check their email after going through the subject of the email. Your email is worthless when your email remains unopened for several days. Write something that creates buzz around and gets opened. It will help you to get the attention of the audience and force them to check it.


You have to greet your consumer; it shows organization’s decency and directly impacts the consumer mind. This Familiar and personalized behavior help you gain the audience.

Brief & Clear Message

If the message or information you provide is short and clear then you don’t have to write stories. Just write point-to-point information in a few sentences. If your information won’t be enough to get a response, then you have to work on it and you can also take help from some images to explain it. Either you need to do more research on email yourself or take some expert’s advice to get a response.

Be Polite with words

You have to write you an email in polite form, it might help your organization to boost its promotion. It helps to create the interest of audience to read your email.

Describe Purpose

You’ve to describe your purpose and then work on it to make sure your purpose is genuine and beneficial for your customer. To clearly show your purpose, just do interlink images with your message.

Avoid Using Complicated/ Confusing Words

The mailer must have simple words that neither confuses the audience nor mislead them. Do not pressurize your reader to take out a dictionary to understand the mailer. Nobody has the time to do so and they’ll be forced to unsubscribe it or skip it.

Proof Reading

It’s the most significant part of emailing, cross check your email, words, sentences and symbols twice or even thrice if needed.

Send during the Peak Time

Usually, people check their email/messages as the first thing in the morning so you can schedule your emailer to be sent early morning or you can schedule it in the evening after 6. It has been observed that mailers sent during these timings receive the highest open rates.


Easy Ways To Promote Your Business Online

It is not possible to have a successful business without promoting your products and services in the online world. The great your product is the more your business will get the customers’ attention. If you want to survive in the online world, you got take out some time to promote it.

Here are some actions that you can take to promote your business online.

Effective Email Marketing
There are varied types of email marketing that you can do. You can easily customize email newsletter to be sent to the customers or your subscriber’s data. Send promotional codes, deals, offers or new blog posts.
Plan the escape and send it regularly. It will help your business to stay connected with the people who matters to your business. Email marketing is proved to be one of the most amazing way to promote a business as around 90% of people checks their email on a regular basis.

Leverage the social media platforms
Planning and using social media for marketing is the most effective and used way to promote the business in the wide online landscape. You can post facts and tips in a fun way that doesn’t bore the followers. You can simply start with a conversation which helps in increasing reach of your brand. Post original content with in-house and behind the scenes images. This helps personalizing the context with the follower. Share the valuable content to promote your business on other Facebook pages and community to reach out to a wider audience base.

While preparing content the best you can do is to make it a way that the potential customers could find it themselves. It is all about writing and preparing content that people want to find. If done right, SEO can help your business stand out on the list of many.

Online reviews
Customer writes about you in two cases- one when they are happy with you and second when they are disappointed with your brand, product or service. When a customer writes about you, he is directly or indirectly promoting your business and this can positively affect your business. Business needs to encourage them to talk about their experience using your product or service.

Be a part of communities and groups
Get involved with the communities and groups that are relevant to your brand. Join them and share your posts on those platforms. You can join groups on Facebook or the expert groups in LinkedIn. This might not get huge traffic for your website but can help you become famous by highlighting about your brand.

Try YouTube
What’s more you need than a free video promotion platform. Do not post ads on the platform rather post videos that people would want to view.

Out of all the business strategies that you use to promote your brand: improving your product, sharing updates, increasing level of service and maintaining relationships with customers are the best business strategy of all time. This may take some time but it is worth the effort.


Why FAQ page is important for your business

A visitor who visits a website usually searches for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the website to get answers, information and concerns regarding the product.

Some people compares it with the ‘About us’ page. FAQ page is very different from “About Page” section in which you don’t just tell a story about your company but it also contains all the answers that the user might have about your brand.

FAQ section deals with the specifics. It’s the perfect place where a customer finds answers to specific questions about the product. A customer always has concerns whether to buy a product or not. He also has questions whether the product may fulfill the things he is looking after. In that case FAQ page becomes the first step towards the answers, before they reach out to you with some different quires.

Here are some facts on how and why FAQ Page is Important for your business

Saves time
When we talk about E-Commerce or business platforms it’s not just on the person asking questions, it can be thousands of people, and when they are all asking the same question over and over again, it can be a very tough task to answer them one by one. So, it is always better to give answers at one platform which will be publicly available to everyone.

Makes you an Expert
Through FAQ you can present yourself as an expert in your field. Everybody likes to work with professionals of the certain field, so through FAQ a customer will like to join you because you will sound like a person who now what he is doing.

It generates a trust factor
A normal person always has concerns whether he should buy a product online or not. Through FAQ you can connect to that customer, because if you are sharing information about product publicly it will generate a trust bridge between both the parties.

A good FAQ page can act as that bridge that will make the difference, by establishing your legitimacy.

It acts as a good SEO tool
FAQ pages can be an excellent SEO Tool. Search engines scan a website for Keywords and Key Phrases to understand your website and your business.

If you can add Keywords during writing questions and answers on your FAQ page, it will increase the SEO juice flow to your entire website. A good FAQ page can help you to boost your online sales and even push up your website on search engine results.

It increases customer conversion rate
A good FAQ page can increase customer conversion rate. It will increase the rate of visitors and that will help you get more consumer. It’s a simple mathematical calculation, when people read the FAQ, they feel comfortable with the product, and once they know what they are about to purchase, it will automatically increase the conversion rate


The FAQ is the place where you build relationship with the customer. Once you build that relationship on trust factor that will help you to transform potential customers into retain consumers.





How To Properly Handle a Support Ticket

Yes! Finished with resolving clients support ticket. Ah no! Another one waiting in line. And in the end you get swamped with the ever increasing support ticket number and your clients get angry because their cases are pending from a long time and there is no hope it to be resolved. To avoid this you need to get organized.

Here are some points to help you approach each support ticket efficiently and speed up your response and resolution time.

Automate quick response to each new support ticket.

Respond immediately after receiving the complaint. You can never have an immediate solution to the customer’s problem so it is always better to take some time to resolve it and by sending an automated email, you assure them that the email has been received. Quick reply assures that the problem has been received and will be resolved soon.

Don’t bounce the support ticket from one person/department to other.

Resolution to a ticket is always delayed if you keep bouncing it from one department or person to other. Support team sending it to the technical department and then technical team sending it back for more information. This all takes time and the resolution gets delayed.

Pay attention to ticket statuses.

Choose the right ticket status to a successful resolution of the ticket. Open tickets need an answer. Do it as soon as you can. When you reply with a solution mark the ticket as solved and don’t forget to close it.

Make your responses simple.

The layman language is what your reply should be in. The easier it is for the customer to understand, the faster the case will be closed. Keep it simple is the key. Nobody likes to read long test wall just to find the answer at the very end.

Don’t leave cases unfinished.

If the client has not received proper notification, your work is not done. When you have solved a new case make sure to let the customer know about it through email. Even if you take longer than usual to resolve the case, make sure to let them know about it. Little reassurance about the work status goes a long way.

Handle the old cases first.

Sort order and solve those cases first which are old so the client who raises request doesn’t have to wait for the longest. Don’t solve requests which can be sorted in few hours. Solve them according to the queue (old to new)

Check regularly for new tickets

Check for the new tickets on regular basis. Make sure that you are getting those email notification regularly whenever a new ticket is raised. Do make it a habit of checking spam section from time to time so that you don’t miss out on any.



How Often To Post On Social Media

With the ever-growing, ever-changing social media, the social media strategy that worked for your last year might not work this year. You need to upgrade your plan with the technology and the customers today. You need to connect with your social media followers without driving them away and for that you need master the frequency of posting. How to Optimize Social Media Posting Frequency?

The best times and time gap for posting can never be predicted and can drive any social media manager crazy with the fluctuating engagement on every timing but you can always trust those who have done it before.

Here is the standard frequency for posts that you must follow to plan posting schedule for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest:


Post quality instead of quantity. Facebook post engagement is steady for the first 2 hours so start with an afternoon schedule and tweak from there.

How frequently to post: Aim to post 10- 15 times per week.

Increasing Engagement tip: Admit this; we all scroll through our Facebook feed when we wake up early morning, right? If you’re struggling to find good likes on your posts then try the early morning posts.

We recommend
Daily – 2 posts
Weekly – up to 15 posts


Tweets have a short life so timing and frequency of posting are everything when it comes to getting followers for your business twitter account. Follow posting it on a daily schedule. You can also join in the trending topics to increase your reach.

How frequently to post: Try posting three to five times each day and track the report. Thank followers for following you. If some tweets tagging you, don’t forget to reply them.

Increasing Engagement tip: add @mention individuals or companies that are relevant to your content for getting retweets and engagements.

We recommend
Daily – 4 – 5 tweets
Weekly – up to 35 tweets


With Instagram, everyday could be a good day for getting followers. It all depends on the activity levels.

How frequently to post: Atleast one post per day.

Increasing engagement tip: Tag influencers wherever necessary.

We recommend
Daily – 1- 2 posts
Weekly – up to 14 posts


How frequently to post: Aim for atleast 3 pins a day; if you have more pins, then go for it and you can post 20 times per day. Never schedule pins all at once. This can damage the reach. It varies for different brand and products. Experiment to find when your pins perform the best.

Increasing engagement tip:  Pins are highly searched. Make yours easy to find. With the right search terms, you pins can easily be found and can get clicks.

We recommend
Daily – 3- 20 pins
Weekly – up to 100 pins


Use the professional connect platform effectively for connecting with market influencers.

Increasing engagement tip: Post technical and business blog

We recommend
Daily – 1-2 posts
Weekly – up to 10 posts


Remember, companies that increase blogging from 3-5X/month to 6-8X/month generates more leads than the ones who don’t.

We recommend
Weekly – up to 2 posts

You need a strategy not just for your business but big companies today hires internet strategists to plan the frequency of posts. Follow the above technique for posting and you can check analytics and reports for your brand on different social media platforms by different posting


How To Deal With Challenging Customers On Chat

You provide exceptional customer service. Great! But no matter how extraordinary your services are, somewhere, sometimes you’ll meet challenging customers. You can simply deal with such customers by preparing your mindset for it.

You, your support team and your business can’t afford to lose temper with them. To know how to deal with the customers you must first know the different types of customers and their need. You can achieve better by understanding their personality types and the way they think to communicate and solve their problems better.

Have a look at the different type of customers that can be truly challenging on chat and how you can deal with them and win them forever.

The over demanding dominating one

‘I WANT THIS NOW’, “I can’t believe it”, “I want this solved”, “I want it now or I’ll buy from your competitors!”
Uhhh!.. you must have handled this type of client often. This kind of customer doesn’t care about the fact that something is not available.
During a chat with one such client, Mr. I want it now comes to chat and wants every answer to his problem to be ’Yes’ from your end as if you have a ‘fix everything’ button which works instantly as you press it.

To deal with such types of customers who want everything instantly and threaten you to leave to your competitors, you need to be patient, wait for them to calm down and explain in respect to their situation. Sometimes saying no can always be useful.

The always complaining one

These types of customers don’t like the feeling of being happy and satisfied. This is because they are constantly creating new problems and keeps complaining about them. During chats, they might even complain about making changes to your store and they liked the older version.

To deal with these types of customers remember that they will never be satisfied no what how efficiently you resolve their problem. So chill, take a deep breath and don’t expect appreciation from them even when you’ve solved their problem.

The lazy one

These types of customers want to do as little as possible on their own. They expect you to do everything for them. They are paying you so they require you to a little more than them. In general, just a lazy person.

During a chat with one such customer, they might even ask you to cancel their purchase which they can do with few clicks.

To deal with these customers, you just need to do a little extra. Convince them to do it few times and chances are they will form a new habit of doing something themselves.

The ‘I know everything’ one

Ahh.. these customers will never accept the answer they don’t like. They are convinced that they can never be wrong and trust me it is nearly impossible to change their belief.

During a chat session with one such customer, if they say they are unable to add some products to the cart. After you looking into the matter and explaining everything works fine, they customer doesn’t simply agree. They will quit the chat and will later come back hoping it to be other customer adviser with the different answer to the same problem.

To deal with such customers you must know that most of the time things will be fine in your store; it’s just that they don’t have proper information about your product. They argue because they are convinced that they are always right. Patiently explain to them how the product actually works, use a screenshot or provide knowledge base. Give them resources to realize how it actually works.

You will often come across such customers who are not satisfied with your products and services. Your job is to understand them and deal with them effectively. And you never know, maybe one day they’ll become your loyal customer.


How LinkedIn helps you grow your online business

Most market surveys say Facebook is the most important social network that businesses use to grow. LinkedIn came in second with around 71% marketer using it. Facebook is where you go to talk with family & friends; Twitter is where you meet people you didn’t know before, then LinkedIn is where you can meet up for your business to get work done.

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social media platform used by businessmen, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. With over 400 million active users, it’s a huge platform for connecting with businesses and customers under one roof.

Here are some ways by which you can grow your e-commerce business through LinkedIn:

Create your Company page

Creating a company page will help you to get recognition on a wide scale. Your colleagues and working employees can join the page which will help you to create a brand. One of the best ways to do this is through your banner image – keep it branded, include your logo for brand recognition on the site, and to further develop trust with digital market, Tell your company’s journey in your “about” section.

Building Connections

LinkedIn is an amazing platform to keep in touch with all of your business contacts to develop your network.  With LinkedIn’s advanced search and filters, you can target a certain section of the business audience. This can be done by whittling down profession, location and even company according to your need

Target Groups

There are over 2 million groups on LinkedIn and 83% of LinkedIn users belong to at least one of them. Before joining them, assess whether they will be a good for your business or not. Check out the guidelines. Check out the number of members, and activity within the groups. You can check out the different kinds of posts and if it fits with your target market.

Your business can benefit by starting your own group. You can increase your trust value and develop the reputation as an industry leader; LinkedIn groups offer incredible business opportunities.

Follow Influencers

Through LinkedIn, you can connect with people who influence your business world. It gives you a chance to learn, follow and find from top influencers in your industry.

You can grow your business by commenting intelligently on Influencers’ articles. By engaging with the influencers you are the setting standards for your company at the same level. This also creates a trust relationship with your company within the professional community.


Blogging is the best medium to grow your business on LinkedIn. If you share your idea and perspective about your field, it helps you gain more business. To gain more readers for your blog, you need to create articles that appeal to your LinkedIn market. Stick with a business theme for your articles; write content which supports your business criteria and things related to your target market. Keep your readership interested by consistently writing within your business theme.

Business professionals use LinkedIn Network for making the right impression, engaging with connections, joining and taking part in groups, and sharing pertinent information. Apply these few tricks and your business will grow day by day.

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Why Product Description Is Important For Your E-commerce?

E-commerce entrepreneurs while starting their online business usually underestimate the importance of some crucial quality content. More focus is usually given on the technical aspect and putting good quality images, but a good product description is equally important to boost your sales.

Most entrepreneurs who don’t understand the importance of good product description lose their customers no matter how much investment they make in advertising. While your e-commerce business is making some genuinely good efforts to post unique and attractive descriptions for every product, others forget to do this and then there are some who just copy paste this from some other sites to their product pages.

Imagine a visitor visits your online store and comes across a pair of Adidas shoes in men collection column. Even after knowing the brand he will have a lot of questions:

– Materials from which it is made of? Any special properties?
– Will they keep my feet comfortable?
– Are they easy to wear and take off?
– Is the insole removable?

Know how you should write unique product description and what does this product description do for your user?

Entice Customer

The product description describes benefits of the product and convinces the consumer’s to understand why and how the product fulfills their requirement. It grabs the user attention by answering their queries.

Helps in SEO

The unique product descriptions help to improve search engine rankings, which means more people will be able to find your products and order it easily. So, don’t copy the description from official sites, stop copying product details. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) automatically identifies your content and affects your brand’s SEO ranking.

Professional Description

Content attracts consumer mind and increases their knowledge. A professional website interface indicates the seriousness in business and helps gain more trust and loyalty for customers.

Enhance the knowledge

Catalog attracts viewers and potential buyers. Clearly visible products with aesthetic presentation will definitely bring you more customers. Unique product descriptions along with high-quality images and an easy-to-use interface work together in driving online sales.

Keep it short yet effective

While writing product descriptions just keep one thing in your mind “Less is enough”. Try to explain your product description in bullets instead of writing long paragraphs.

Keep Your Mind-Error Free

Any grammatical or spelling errors can adversely affect your e-commerce impression. Therefore, a proper cross checking and editing of content are always required to make sure your content as error-free.

Professional Writers

The skill of writing is not a simple thing and everybody doesn’t have this quality. That’s why, an organization have content writers with a separate job description.


Remember, originality is the key. In order to achieve e-commerce success, make more sales and improving your brand’s ranking you must keep these above points in mind. So don’t skimp and make your product description unique because if you steal it from competitors, you may find yourself ranked lower by Google or even eliminated from search results.