Sacrifices Every Entrepreneur Must Make to Be Successful

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy or fascinating as it sounds. Entrepreneurs not only have to make hard decisions but they also have to sacrifice a lot. Here are the 5 sacrifices every entrepreneur must make in order to be successful.


This would be the first sacrifice of all. Everyone loves to sleep but if you choose to be an entrepreneur, this would be the first thing you’ll have to put aside. There might be days where you’ll be working nonstop and harder than when you were employed for some other company. You might have to pull through all-nighters to get results and things were done.


As an entrepreneur, you might have to go without a fixed salary for months. You’ll be working two to three times harder than you used to and might not be compensated well. You will have to invest a lot of time—unlimited hours—and hard work into your business before you see that being resonated in the money you’ll make. You’ll see the results not immediately but gradually. Patience and more hard work will help you achieve your goals.

Work-life balance

Maintaining work-life balance will be painfully difficult, but entrepreneurs have never liked anything that’s easy. They love challenges and getting past difficult situations. This would be one such challenge. Your personal life might suffer as work life will be more pressing and demanding. You might have to solve issues and respond to calls and emails at any time of the day. You will be the contact point and decision-maker for everything. Your team will hugely and mostly depend on you to lead and show them the way.

Social life

As an entrepreneur, you’ll massively have to cut down on your social life and interactions. You may have to miss parties, social and family gatherings because work will be your number one priority and engagement. You will be investing all your time and energy into your business so that it reaches new heights.


Comfort is something that won’t fit in the picture if you choose the entrepreneurial path. Luxuries will be rare and uncomfortable situations more. You will have to work an insane amount, make tough decisions and do many things you’re not comfortable with. You will have to strategize, attend meetings, take calls, convince people, choose the right team and investors, take blows when decisions backfire and do some damage control if needed. You’ll be the woman or man with many hats!

It won’t be easy but to touch heights as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to dream big, work harder and act stronger! Wishing you lots of luck.


Affordable Ways To Get Your Business Noticed Online

For a small online business, it is usually hard to spend thousand of rupees on advertising or buying followers for social media. However, it is not that complicated now! Whether you own a small business or marketing expert you can get your business Noticed Online without having spent a huge amount.

Establish profiles on the major social media sites

(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram). Take out some time to figure out which social media site or sites your target customers frequent. Then set up pages or profiles on those sites — and post content regularly, at least once a week. You can centrally manage your social media posting, consider using Hootsuite

Create fresh content

Blogging is the best alternative for your cost-effective and an amazing way to boss your organic traffic. You can simply create some interesting videos defining more about your product/goods or services and can share these using facebook.

Get connections and get shared

Even if you don’t have many (or any) followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, chances are some of your friends or family members or your employees do. Ask them to follow your new business on social media sites and spread the word. You can also reward people for sharing links to your site or products by offering them referral discounts, say 10 percent off their first or next purchase

Pair with an established business/brand

Pair with an on-brand company that already has a loyal following to offer something unique and sharable.

Follow and engage industry influencers on Twitter

Build a Twitter following by favoriting and retweeting key people in your industry, Use Twitter’s advanced search to find people located within a specific area related to your market and engage with them. You can also create Twitter lists of people in the markets you are trying to reach. Many times they’ll engage with you or follow you back.

Create a Facebook ad

Facebook’s ad platform allows you to get very specific with the target audience. You can choose between a daily or a lifetime budget, as well as a cost per thousand impressions bid or cost per click bid. Only pay for the clicks or impressions you receive, up to the amount you set for your budget.


What To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

Even if your website content is ready to go online, the basic thing that needs to be considered now is choosing the right and perfect domain name. Choosing a domain name which is correct for your brand is important for your site’s success. For big brands who are already ruling the in the market, a domain name does not affects much. But domain name plays a huge role in your online presence and is the key to your success in the online business. When you create your online store with GetMeAShop, you can easily choose your domain name from your store’s dashboard.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind before choosing a domain name for your website as a little forethought now will pay dividends later.

Choose your own company’s name

The best choice for your domain name is your own company’s name. Just because your customers are already aware of the name of your company they generally expect the same name as your domain name too. Also, it’ll help you protecting your brand.


If your domain name is similar to some popular site, it will be the greatest drawback to your business. Plural, misspelled or hyphenated domain name versions of a well-established domain must be avoided.

Easy to type

If while typing your domain name, a lot of attention is required, just because of a complicated spelling, length, use of unmemorable words, then you surely have to change it. A domain name should be such that it should be easy to type and easy to remember so that a customer can visit your website again and again.

Avoid numbers and hyphens

For the same reason, including hyphens and numbers will give rise to a domain name that will be difficult to remember. Therefore, the domain name should be in plain and simple English language so that it can be easily typed and remembered.

Choose a .com domain name

For a long term, the business tries to find a .com available domain name.
Use online tools: There are various online tools that will help you in searching the perfect and available domain name for your website.

Consider premium domains

Sometimes there are some popular domains that have been used by someone else, but they are being released back for sale. They are premium because they might be short and memorable, might have very good search engine rankings because of their history. They might be costly but they are worth taking for your successful website.


Sell Products to International consumers

With every new store the entrepreneur dreams of reaching the largest audience, sell most products and earn higher profits. If you have dreamt to sell products internationally then here are some tips you will need to start selling products internationally and promoting your store in the global market.

The major question which haunts many e-commerce entrepreneurs is how to get started. Check out how to take the first step of selling internationally.

Do the homework (Market Research)

Keeping in mind the USP of your store, research if there is need of the products, which you selling at your online store. You can learn about it by researching on the internet, social media or consult your relative or friend, if live in another country. This will help you decide if your products are worth enough of selling online.

Choose an International Market

Always remember to start small. Choose a small international market where the demand of your product is high. Decide on this before getting started.

Know the rules and regulations

The next step is to get aware of the export rules and regulations of that particular market. Know the custom’s rules with shipping regulations and much more.

Promote Your Products on the International Market

Store promotion to sell products internationally is a big challenge. Since, you are new to the market and of course, the international audience is not aware of your brand, first, you need to set up your brand and make it visible on the global platform. How to do that? Find out here.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to sell products internationally, make sure that you target keywords that are popular in your target market, either national or national. Work on those keywords to get yourself listed on popular search engines of your international market.

Show Your Products on Social Media

Follow and make connections with the audience who are based in your international market and target them using different social media. Try to put your market research knowledge in here while posting your social media posts and products.

Advertising on Google and Facebook

The best thing about Google and Facebook advertisement is that they let you choose demographics where you want to showcase your advertisement. Select the demography where your target market it and run advertisements easily.


Shipping Rate Strategies for Your Online Store

Set Country Wise Shipping Rules From Your GetMeAShop Dashboard

Choosing the best shipping option for your online store can help your business grow. It is important for the success of an eCommerce site.  Have a look at some options on how you can charge for product shipping with your online store.

Free shipping

People love Free! You can score more sales by offering free shipping to customers.  You can advertise the free shipping on your site or can promote it through social media.  You can also set minimum order value to get free shipping. This encourages users to add more products to their cart.

Flat rate shipping

Fix an amount that will be charged no matter what the price or the product weight is. No matter what their product costs you can fix a shipping rate which will encourage the user to shop more as they know that the shipping price is fixed.

Price based shipping

Add shipping based on the total price of the item being purchased. This shipping charge may go up or down as the total amount of shopping changes.

Once you’ve added shipping rules from your GetMeAShop dashboard> order settings> shipping rules, you can set up different shipping and tax rules for different countries.

To set up shipping and tax.

  • Open the dashboard
  • Click the shipping rules tab
  • Click a default rule or click Add New Rule to add a new one.
  • From varied options, mark the country(s) that this rule applies to.

Note: You can add multiple countries to the same rule.

Select a shipping method:

You can anytime edit the rules for a specific country by clicking edit in front of the country name.

  • Edit the title in the Shipping Option Title field.
  • Shipping fees are the same for all products shipped to the destinations in this rule.
  • Allowed: A handling fee/shipping rules is added to every order in the country selected.
  • Not allowed: A handling fee is not added.



How To Attract Customers To Your Online Store

Whether you’ve been in the e-commerce business for quite some time or you are just starting your journey in the digital landscape- you can never succeed unless you get people visit your website. Acquiring users to your store could be difficult and time-consuming. You must know how to attract customers to your online store. Have a look at the most effective ways that will help you get traffic without breaking your budget.

Include e-commerce in your existing marketing

If you are already selling in the offline market then start adding your website address to your existing brochures, company’s letter head, banners etc.

Get found in search engines

It is really important to get found in the search engine for getting new visitors. Invest your time in Search engine optimization.

Use social media, blogs, and forums

Hold discussions related to your brand and products and some other topics that revolve around your product. You can also get involved in the discussions about topics related to your brand and company and can talk about your company.

Learn from the success of others

Know how your competitors are doing well in the market. This doesn’t mean that you should copy their tactics, but you can think of some good ideas and can carry out them in an proper way.

Don’t forget your existing customers

Always remember that your existing customers are your best customers. Make sure that you encourage them by providing special deals and offers to letting them know that you value their stay with your store.

Email marketing

When you create your store with GetMeAShop you get the service for sending bulk email to customers in one go from your dashboard. You can use email marketing to connect with your customers and updating them about the new deals and offers.

Get feedback from customers

Get customer’s feedback and put this on your site. This helps to build trust among the new and potential customers for your products.

Recover the ones that got away

As well as acquiring new customers, you should have a strategy for recovering potential customers that were lost. Your e-commerce solution should provide you with the details of customers that filled in their details but failed to complete the order by making a payment.

Incentivize customer referrals

A dual- sided incentive system can be used to reward both a person who refers and the referral. For example- use your exclusive referral code and once your friends make their first purchase you’ll get Rs 100 off on your next two purchases.

Market offline

Everyone is not online every time but everyone has a life offline. Add traditional marketing methods to drive traffic to your store and to your offline store.

Hold a sale

Sale always helps when it comes to getting attention and winning over new customers. Limit sale time or customers to gain exclusivity. Example- flat 40% off for first 100 customers.

Offer a new product/service

Tell them about what’s new. It could be the packaging style or the new prices for the same product or could be a combo deal.

Distribute Incentive on first purchase

Offer discount to customers on their first purchase. Add a pop-up on your website that shows up when a visitor visits your website.


Key Factors Your Ecommerce Website Need In Order To Succeed

E-commerce is the booming industry all over the world and all you need to sell online is a computer and an internet connection. There are various e-commerce sites that are selling various products in the online world. Not only people can buy products online but also anyone can now sell online sitting at their comfort zone at homes. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you must know the various key factors your e-commerce website need have in order to succeed in the digital landscape.

Price your products smartly

With various options to choose from, customers now buy online after doing a complete price analysis. Build a best pricing strategy that not only fits the consumer’s pocket but also gets you profit.
You can use tools like datacrops that helps you win over competitor’s pricing with its customized solutions for competitive pricing analysis.

Good quality products

Offer reasonable price without compromising on quality. Your products must be of high-quality standards as described on your website about us page. Justify your product and brand with the quality you deliver. If customers will have complaints with the quality of products you’re providing then they will buy from your competitors.

Highly secured online transactions

Ensure your customers that the payment options they chose to buy your product are safe and secured. Customers are conscious about their online transactions and buys when they feel that their information is safe without being store anywhere.

Transparent Shipping & promo codes with clear Terms and Conditions

Since Ecommerce has made it easy for shoppers to shop from any part of the world. You need to have a transparent store and shipping policy. If your site charges for shipping then it should be clearly mentioned on the product pages.
Same way if you are distributing promos, offers and deals to draw customers attention then make sure that the promo codes work well at the time of checkout. Do not mislead your customers with wrong or expired codes on products. Misleading or wrong codes can ruin your brand’s reputation.

Provide Instant Customer Support

In the world of automation and innovation, it becomes even more important to provide instant customer support to gain customers loyalty and tackle the customer’s issues in real time.

Go mobile

With the changing customer’s trend, you also need to adapt to these change to stay ahead in the competitive online market. Online shopping trends are changing rapidly and you also need to adapt to the change to stay in the competitive market. Mobile commerce is the future and is rapidly growing with people buying from mobile apps. Develop a mobile version of your website and have a mobile app for your store.


Reasons Why You Must Redesign Your Website

Do you feel your website now looks old and stale and needs to be revamped? With the constantly changing technology, the taste of the audience is also changing and you need to update your e-commerce website with it. You just cannot just let it sway in the online breeze.

Redesigning your website doesn’t really means that you need to change every aspect of your site from graphic to design, but it implies making functional modifications that can help you work and assist the customers better. While you may have many reasons not to change your website’s look, here are some reasons why you should revamp your website to grab customer’s attention.

You aren’t getting enough leads and traffic

Even an awesome designed and a perfect functioning website is useless if you aren’t getting results. Your website exists to build your customer base and if the purpose in not getting solved then It’s time to redesign it. Before revamping the site as yourself-
Does your call-to-action convert visitors into leads?
Does your website take time in loading?
Does your site justify what your brand is about?

Your website just doesn’t work.

With the increased and varied themes and customization available with various website builders, it is now easier to choose from various options to create an effective web design that doesn’t cost much.
If visitors are unable to find the most basic things on your websites like contact information or social links, if your site’s navigation is confusing or if your important content is hidden then don’t give it another thought of revamping the site.

Your site isn’t responsive.

A big number of online sales are concluded through the mobile phone. If your store isn’t mobile responsive then its time when you need to change your way of reaching the customers.

You want to incorporate a better content strategy.

You plan to implement a better content strategy as your current content seems useless because the visitors are unable to find your brand. So if you are looking to change your content strategy then a web redesign would be a wise choice.

Your competitors changed their site look.

Of course, you don’t really need to change it just because your competitors changed theirs. But if they have changed it to improve their rankings and if this is ultimately pushing your ranking down then it’s time when you need some alterations to your site too. Research and analyze the necessary SEO adjustments you can make to your site.

Outdated third party tools

If your tools on the site like widgets of shopping cart etc are outdated then you need to update or improve its functionality. If these third party tools are not working, if it’s leading to slowing down speed, are the new and improved versions now available? Outdated third party tools drive the visitors away so make the move towards being modern by using the new and advanced tools to turn your visitor’s into leads.

Your website is meant to bring you business by generating leads that matter. If it is failing to meet the purpose then why not make the necessary changes to make it work efficiently.


Run An Instagram Campaign and Reach Influencers

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”- ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry3

In our previous blogs, you’ve already read about the importance of Instagram in e-commerce and how to plan a successful Instagram contest. Since you know the important customer base you can find on the platform, here is a step-by-step guide to help you launch a successful Instagram campaign and reach out to the influencer groups that matters to your business.

Plan it out

Just like any other campaign requires a rough work, the Instagram campaign also needs that writing process. With a clear working plan, you can focus on process and can achieve the pre determined end result.

Make a list of influencer group you are targeting

Be specific with what kind of influencers actually matters to your business. Don’t connect with people who are a big name in the market but has nothing to do with your brand. Be sure with what kind of people you want to align your brand with that meets your product goals.

Connect with them personally

Once you’ve made the list of possible influencers you want to connect with, take out the information they have on their Instagram bio column. Draft a message what your company does, and what the campaign is about and include why you wish to launch an Instagram campaigns where they can promote you (ask them for a quote).
Get straight to the point and keep is as short as possible. Don’t share unnecessary details just for the sake of writing more.

Create a Landing Page

The ultimate goal of a landing page should never be to sell the product but to attract new leads. Collect as much contact information as you can and then you can easily connect with these potential influences over email marketing.

Launch Your Campaign

First, come up with a unique and creative hashtag.
Along with an Instagram post that your influencers will share, make sure-
An attractive image
Add an image that showcases your product or a powerful quote which is appealing too.
Strong call to action
A strong caption always appeals to the mass. If you want the influencer’s followers to follow your brand then add a strong call to action.
Share link of your landing Page
Insert link to your company’s landing page.

Analyze your campaign’s result

Once your campaign in complete, you now need to conduct a thorough analysis to measure how good your campaign went. By using a link tracker on your landing page, you can analyze the Return on investment of your campaign based on the number of clicks and overall engagement.


The Curse Of Cash

Forget Handling Cash Flows, Go Online

After the government’s announcement of banning Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 bank notes from midnight of 8th November, for war on black money took the nation by surprise. There were chaos and a range of emotions that followed among the citizens, while some were in disbelief, some anxious people rushed to get Rs 100 denominations to get rid of their Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

A lot has been spoken about the citizens and how they see this surgical strike against black money. If we talk about the businessmen who sell their product through physical stores, they will definitely have a difficult time depositing the week or month long payment to the bank which was stored in their store ‘Galla’.

Ravi Nagar, a Noida based garment shopkeeper, said: “I deal with cash the whole day, from the last one week I couldn’t get time to deposit the week’s sale revenue in the bank and now when the sudden shocking news has come, I am really looking for an alternative to this regular cash dealing.”

Ahmedabad-based E-commerce jewelry seller Narain Aggarwal said- “Government’s instructions are now clear and we are now turning down customers who come in with Rs 1000 and Rs 500 cash. Though I sell it offline too but most of my business is based in the digital landscape. We get paid by online transactions and I am really not much worried about the cash flow that I need to change as most of the cash is on my account.”

So, sellers, it is the high time now when you seriously need to take your business online. Have a look at the key benefits that an e-commerce website offers and helps you run a smooth business during such sudden regulations and amendments in the country.

No matter what you are selling 24 X 7
Your online store is never closed. You’re 24X7 open to the native customers and the consumer’s worldwide.

Cash flow directly to your account
This is the biggest advantage that your business can gain when it goes online. After the note banned is implemented in the country, all the businesses that are selling online are not going through the chaos phase as compared to those who are selling it through the physical store. Not only an e-commerce website allows you to sell online with higher margins but also ensures that you are gaining 100% payment from the customer right into your account. This will increase your cash flow without getting into the hassle of handling cash. There are several payment systems that ensure all your payment transactions are processed successfully.

Keep growing your business in terms of sales, customer base, and profits. Always keep the stock levels of products that you need and allows you to keep selling without break. You can keep scaling your product range and can monitor easily which product is famous amongst customers.

Less time intensive
Once your e-commerce site is up and live, you don’t really have to invest much time running it. The whole process for customers ordering and making payments will be activated through the online system. Sales take place according to how much visibility the product gains.