Apps That Make Your E-commerce Business Life Easier

The world of E-commerce business is changing fast and to stay ahead you need to work more efficiently. As a Businessman, you are always looking for tools which can make your work get complete fast. You need apps which can help you to manage stuff according to your need.

So, we have calculated everything you need as businessman and created a list according to different aspects of your business.
Here are all the apps which will make your life easy as a Businessman


As a businessman, it’s very tough to carry a data and file storage device all time with you. So, you need cloud storage which you can access from any place.

  1. Google Drive – Google Drive gives you free 15 GB cloud storage.
  1. Dropbox – Dropbox is a secure file sharing and storage app for both computer and smartphone.

Social Media Management

Social media is the biggest platform through which you are connected to your customers. So, you need app which can manage and schedule social media post.

  1. Hootsuite – Through Hootsuite, you can manage your all social media accounts through a single app.
  1. Buffer – Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.


Business require the knowledge of what’s happening all around you. This knowledge can be business related or normal news.

  1. Google Newsstand – Through this app, you can get news from every single news website in the world.
  1. Inshorts – It’s a smartphone app which gives you entire news in just 60 words.
  1. Economic Times – Through this platform, you can get all the business-related news all around the world.

Image and graphics designing

You need to edit images before posting them. You also need to create logo and graphics designing.

  1. Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop is one of the world’s best image editing app.
  1. Adobe Illustrator– Though Illustrator, you can design logo and graphics.

Content Writing

As a businessman, you need to write a lot of stuff such as letters, mails, blogs etc. So, you need apps which can help you in content writing.

  1. Grammarly – Grammarly corrects over 250 types of grammatical mistakes.
  1. Ginger – Ginger app helps you correct your grammatical and spelling mistakes.


To continuously grow, you need to track on real time analytical information about your website and social media platforms.

  1. Google Analytics – Google Analytics lets you analyze data from all touchpoints in one place.
  2. Piwik – Piwik is an open source analytics platform which can track keep a track on your website.


If you are running a business, you need a posting service which can deliver product specially if you are running an e-commerce business

  1. FedEx – FedEx is a brilliant courier delivery services which is available in almost every part of the world.
  1. Delhivery – Delhivery is a brilliant courier delivery services which is available in almost every part of India. When you create your website with GetMeAShop, you can simply integrate your delivery service with Delhivery.
Instagram Experts

How To Become An Instagram Expert?

You’ve set up your social media platforms- sharing quality content on Facebook, tweeting up a storm, promoting business videos on YouTube and overall your business is doing well but you’re waiting for that magic moment when you can get those extra flow of followers who can boost your brand’s presence and will bring more attention to your company.

Instagram is the new ‘Facebook for teens’ and is amongst the leading social platform. Many Ecommerce retailers are earning a good fortune using the platform. Though it may sound like a bit easy, but if not used properly, the strategy can backfire.

If you strive to become an Instagram expert try these easy steps:

Post consistently

People will never know about you till you post something. Make your Instagram feed look beautiful with beautiful pictures that could get you more followers. The more pictures along with captions you post daily, the more interesting your account will be and the more followers you will gain.

Post high quality images

No one likes poor quality images. A good quality image can turn your account into major source of income.

Post something different

Who says posting weird content is bad for your brand. Come up with some unique and weird ideas that no one has. This works as a sure shot way to gain more followers and hence more conversion.

Be open and friendly with your followers

Don’t just keep posting like a robot. Be open to your followers and try to read and reply over comments whenever possible.

Direct posts

Linking all the social media profiles is definitely an easy way to post on all the platforms at one go but this may not tempt the audience. Aim to post directly to make a personal connect with the followers. .

“Capture and share with the world”

Coverage: Instagram impresses the youth, bloggers, organizations and everyone online. Moreover currently there are over 500 million of users worldwide, over 100 million new posts being updated every day. Its easily penetrates the minds of a wide audience base.

Trending/#tags: A trending hashtag should be one that is being used more, create your own hashtags while sharing photos or videos taken at a particular place. There are three main elements of a good trend:

  • The interests of many people in our community kept in your trend (Popularity).
  • The trend should be about something new that has not been posted in the past (Knickknack).
  • The trend should be done in the surface of Instagram, where the real event is taking place (Timeliness)

Communicator: Instagram is not only for uploading images & videos, it also helps users to provide information to the huge audience by simultaneously posting.

Feedback: Audience has a freedom of speech; their comments/like/share helps the Instagram users to improve their work. It gives you another platform to give the feedback/suggestions personally through its messaging service.

Boost services organically: Give away contest, offers, deals & quizzes, which leads to the promotion of your company. If you audience is impressed with your services, they advertised your business.

Effective Growth: Instagram can become the Insta-business for a business by helping boosting your business worldwide. So start using #Instagram, upgrade you and your business marketing strategy.

“All growth depends upon activity, there is no development physically or intellectually without effort and effort means work. Believe in the results in your favor, stay organized and focus on delivering quality with your Instagram account.”


Know Why Mobile Apps Are The Future Of Indian E-commerce

According to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI), the Indian E-commerce market has already crossed an INR 2 Lakh Crores in 2016. With almost 400+ million mobile users in India, several e-commerce are now focusing towards mobile apps as a major tool to bigger their sales. Even the industry stakeholders perceived mobile apps as the way forward for their e-commerce business.

There is a major growth in the number of consumers buying the products using their mobile devices. Though mobile commerce has already rose up to 34% of all e-commerce transactions around the world, and now it is predicted to cross 50% in 2017. With still a large Indian population using desktop to make online purchases, does Indian e-commerce entrepreneurs need to focus on other sales channels as well, apart from website?

Here are some reasons, why users prefer purchasing using mobile app:


  • No need to go outside in a crowd for shopping that becomes a big trouble especially during summer times.
  • It’s a faster way to make payment online.
  • It simplifies the payment process.
  • Prove an innovative way to pay.
  • Make lives easy for shopping and you can also find your style easily.
  • You can also make payment by COD (Cash on Delivery) to avoid any product issue.
  • Instant payment confirmation SMS/email.
  • It helps tracking digital receipts for easy returns or exchange.
  • Shop from anytime, anywhere.


An e-commerce site i.e., Flipkart tried pushing their sales through the mobile app strategy but the result was quite declined. The company almost closed the doors for their desktop users, aiming to migrate the costumers to their mobile app platform. The strategy failed and they soon realized that Indian users are still not fully comfortable with the mobile purchasing. Whereas, Snapdeal and Amazon India, both continued to engage the customers using both the platforms (Desktop and Mobile).


A study said, “Over 50% of the product orders are being placed through the mobile apps, which is not only leading the sustainable customer acquisition but also building a customer loyalty for various brands”.



With GetMeAShop, you can create your own Webstore, sell your products using the mobile application for your store and can even manage it on the go.

E-commerce Vs M-commerce


Untitled drawing (1)

Mobile App: A Future Significant Tool For E-commerce In India


Today, living in the mobile era, Indian consumers are following the path of researching before concluding a purchase through mobile apps. According to a survey, it has been observed that the number of e-commerce transactions through mobiles has almost reached the online retailers reaching their goals.

However, the mobile app has become an efficient need of business as it lowers the cost and also saves the user’s time to direct switch the e-commerce app rather finding a space and time to sit in front of their desktop or laptop deciding your style. Also, you can send push notifications to the users about the offers.



What does your customer really want?

This is one of the important questions which every entrepreneur should take care of so that they can earn customer’s loyalty for their business which is a very important thing for earning the profit and maintaining good customer relationship. Know what do they want and need to keep coming back to you again?

To be truly successful, you need to see your business through your customer’s eyes. Here are some ways to do that:

Build trust

Trust is the most important and foremost thing in a business. With enormous e-commerce platforms available, Customers always stays in doubt to trust the new thing but it is your job to make them trust you by not only providing them good services while they purchase but also post sales service.


Value of money they pay

One of the things that people fear while purchasing online is that they won’t get the same product as you have shown in the virtual platform. This comes out as a drawback and results in customers returning or not buying your products. So make sure that the quality of your product is the same which you show at the time of delivery so that they tend to shop from your site again.


After sale service

After sale service is your responsibility when you are selling the product to your customer as there might be some problem that the customers may be facing and if you talk and listen to their problem this will help them build a connect between you and the customer.


New ideas

People can get easily bored with the old stuff so provide them new things and product so that they are attracted and get more options for themselves and interested in your website. Provide them new offers so that they are forced to buy your product over others.


Personal connection

The customers want to feel important. Show them that they are important to you by answering their queries on a regular basis; solve their queries quickly so they can feel connected to you.


Keep providing them offers

Offers and discount are the things that keep a customer’s interest to your product and services. Do bulk emailing and send out SMS about your offers & the customer will feel connected to you.



Why advertising your brand on YouTube is beneficial

YouTube is a very vast platform covering about one-third of the world online traffic on it. It is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website worldwide, behind Google and Facebook respectively. 1 billion people visit YouTube each month globally and about 100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube. So if you invest a good time in promoting your business on YouTube it can come out to be fruitful.
So if you are looking to advertise your brand on social platform then where you can reach millions with small videos then YouTube is the place for you. Here are some reasons why advertising on YouTube is a great and beneficial option for advertising:

Massive audience reach
Millions of users browse for videos everyday on YouTube. Creating video content opens the door to new visitors and even those who would never come across your business any other way and has no interest in it but will still see your ads.

The prices of ads are lowest on YouTube
YouTube advertising is cheap. With true views advertising option you can reach the original audience and pay for the real views. You only pay when a user watches 30 seconds or your entire ad – whichever comes first. So you never pay for impressions that don’t keep viewers watching.

It makes your advertising attractive
Posting videos make your advertisement more attractive as it gathers the interest of many people and by seeing the visuals people understand your ads more efficiently and somewhere they can also relate to them. It is a plus point for you to even make a boring advertisement interesting

Get found on Google
You may have noticed that the top result for a search is always videos rather than the text. This means Google also knows that the videos are more important than the text and people understand it even more. This can be used as a good business strategy as you can write a text about your business and can post videos relating to it so people will see the video in the search and will see it.

The best targeting options
You also have a keyword, and topics to help your video to be seen by the right people. You can also place your ad on the video you wish to so you can choose the videos that are intended and you can even put it on your competitor’s videos so that you can steal the eye of the viewers in starting than their videos.

Make money
You can even earn money from your video Google’s AdSense for Video program. Over 1 million content creators from 30 countries around the globe are earning money simply through YouTube videos. Thousands of channels are making six figures a year.


And this is why your E-commerce store needs proper attention

Know the facts related to Indian Ecommerce industry

According to a latest report, E-commerce industry in India is likely to be more than USD 38 billion in 2016, a 67% high over the USD 23 billion revenues for 2015. It is noted that online buying trends during 2016 will witness a significant hike due to aggressive online discounts, rising fuel price and wider and abundant choice will hit the e-commerce industry in 2016. It is observed that mobile commerce (m-commerce) is growing rapidly as a stable and secure supplement to the e-commerce industry.
Here are some interesting facts and trends about ecommerce that every Ecommerce entrepreneur should know:









































Some social media engagement tactics to grow your audiences

Social media is one of the strongest platforms through which you can advertise your business to a large number of people in a very short period of time. It is the best way for promoting your brand.
No matter what’s your company’s industry or size, you can encourage some deeper connections and improve your social media engagement. Here are some ways to boost your social media engagement for free.

Highlight using #hashtags:
Using #hashtags are in the trend, now-a-days people highlight their important things by using these hashtags and it helps recognizing the important things for the people reading it and when then these hashtags posts can be searched later.

Post on regular basis
Post photos and videos on a regular basis so that people are always engaged with your page and they regularly visit your page. Sharing videos and quotes attract a lot of people as some people are regular readers of posts. Sharing such posts can also interest the people who are not related to your business.

Use stickers and emoticons
Stickers and emoticons make your post and page more effective and attractive. Using them may help you engaging a number audience.

Use graphics
Use the images and videos that are built in house with your logo on it so that people know your brand’s name and can identify it in crowdie social platform.

Always follow back the new users
This is the golden rule that you should follow back the people who follow you as in the social networking people often follows others just to get a follow back which can benefit both the parties involved. So keep in mind to follow back.

Post about social issues
Posting about the social issues related to your business will attract many new users and they are keen to read about the popular topics and would gather information about it in which your posts can help them.

Respond quickly
Try to stay active on these platforms by answering messages, Comment reply to ignore the delayed response so that people feel as a part of your firm and consider themselves valuable.

Do question answer sessions
Asking questions to the audiences can engage them more to your business as they will answer the quest and will feel a part of it and it really attracts a lot of audiences.

Create and join groups
Always join groups that are of your interest and share your posts on it so that people in it can know about your business and can visit your site. This will bring a hike on the audiences who are following you. You can also create the groups and let other people join it


Get LinkedIn followers for your company page

Every business today is using LinkedIn for business-oriented social networking service. It helps building your professional identity online; discover professional opportunities, business deals, and new ventures.Company Page followers engage with your updates and share content with their own networks, earning you recurring viral reach.
Have a look at some tips that you can follow to get a good number of followers for your company’s LinkedIn page:

Promote your page
Promoting your page is the first and foremost thing to do until you do so people won’t be able to know about you company. It is not necessary to promote it only while at workplace you can promote it when you are out with other people also so that they know and can follow your page.

Ask them to follow
It is very important to ask them to follow as it will not take much time and when people will see it there is a possibility that they are going to follow. Many people do not follow because they are not asked for it so it’s better not to take a chance.

Promote your business on LinkedIn groups
It is important that people on LinkedIn are aware about your page and business so you can post about in on various pages so that you can reach to more and more people and this will help you to get a good increase in your followers list.

Share videos and quotes
Sharing videos and quotes attract a lot of people as some people are regular readers of posts and sharing this can also interest the people who are not related to your business but can also join you. Videos make people understand even more than the text part so it is another interesting way to attract the customers.

Never forget your employees
Employees can also play a very important role in increasing your followers as they can promote your page at the personal front by sharing it on their page or sending personalized message.

Follow back
This is a very important rule to follow back the people who follow you as in the social networking people many times follow you because even they want to increase their follower and if you don’t follow can will unfollow you. So keep in mind to follow back.

Write good content
Always write good content on your page. Writing blogs can help you in that so that the readers are also attracted to your page and can flow you. So always focus on quality.

Keep a track
Keep a track of everything so that you know how many people are following you, how many are added, people who had unfollowed you so that you can act accordingly.


Why Your Business Urgently Needs an Online Presence?

E-commerce market in India is expected to grow to Rs. 37,000 crore this year. Therefore, there is an urgent need to expand your business online.
In India, 243 million internet users are there and according to a survey 35% of these users in 18-25 age group, 55% in 26-35, 8% in 36-45 and 2% in the age group of 45-60 prefer purchasing online. This has led many businesses enter e-commerce world. Most of the retailers still have no idea how to create their online stores and there are many online platforms out there in India that are responsible for helping out such people.